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I love passing on useful information and have been speaking for a number of years. I would be delighted to give a presentation to your organization. My current topic is How to Stay Sane and Have Fun When Dealing with Difficult People. What I know is that we all have difficult people in our lives. It is to our benefit to learn to deal with them in order to avoid living with frustration and anger. It would be my pleasure to meet with you and discuss the possibility of presenting to your group. If you would like a synopsis of the workshop, I would be happy to provide it. Please feel free to call me at 415.474.6707 or email me directly at zkolkeymft@therapywithzora.com.
Here are some testimonials from my last workshop:
Your delightful presentation and short, pithy tips are both respectful and circumvent resistance. A. S.
Your wonderful, irreverent warm presence—great topic—knowledgeable. I. Z.
I like your style of presentation and examples. You did a good job of getting the audience to speak and participate. Made us feel comfortable sharing. M. B.
Love the interactive part. Listen with your heart—speak with your mind. D. R.
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