Relationships can be difficult. You had a warm and loving relationship.  You had fun, passion, caring-- All the things that you were looking for.  What happened?  What changed all of that?  I know. I’ve been there.

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We, my partner and I, “behaved” the way we thought and were “taught” that we were “supposed” to behave. We did our “jobs”. We laughed and talked; we disagreed and talked; we stayed home; we went out; we talked some more. He went out without me; I “nagged” him—and we still talked. It took a long time before I decided that we needed help, and it took a while to convince him that we needed help.

I finally found a warm and caring therapist who understood what we were and weren’t doing that was so unsatisfying. We were talking and we weren’t communicating. We didn’t know what we were feeling, let alone know how to express what we were feeling. With much patience and warmth, she taught us what communication means, what feelings are, and how to express them. We began to really connect, to fall "in love" again.

I would love to be that counselor for you so that you, too, will have the warm, caring and loving relationship that you deserve. Making these changes can touch and impact all of your relationships. It does not mean that you will never have disagreements and arguments. It means that you can disagree and still accept what the other is saying.

I have been doing this work for more than twenty (20) years and have a passion for it. You don’t have to wait to get the support you need and want. Decisions can be challenging. Let me help you turn your relationship into more than “work”. Playing together is a very important part of a relationship—joy, fun, creativity, passion. You deserve a rewarding and fulfilling relationship. I’d be honored to explore your possibilities with you, and I look forward to hearing from you.



Zora L. Kolkey, M.A., M.S.S.W.  

Marriage and Family Therapist

License # MFC 23012

San Francisco, CA

Therapy does not have to last forever.
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