I want you to meet Dafka; he is my co-therapist. In case any of you are wondering, Dafka is a Hebrew word. I don¹t have the exact translation and its use is something like, I told him to do something, and, dafka, he did just the opposite². This definition fits in almost perfectly with the kind of work that I do. I counsel individuals, couples and families who are in pain; they want better relationships; they want to communicate more effectively; they want to be more open, warm and loving toward others and are afraid of being hurt , so, dafka, they do just the opposite. I want to empower them to turn pain and pieces into peace and passion.


Dafka helps me do this with clients by just being present. I started having my dog in sessions when I used to take him with me to the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center. I worked part-time on Sunday and didn't want to leave him home alone. When my clients, tough ex-cons, substance abusers, veterans with very severe trauma including post-traumatic stress disorder, saw Mummzer (my dog then), they would just melt. Some of them would talk with him and not to me.

I was amazed and now always offer my clients the opportunity to have Dafka in our sessions.

I would like you to meet us. Please call me at 415-474-6707 and let's find out if you are taking actions that do not get you what you want. You are, dafka, doing just the opposite. I've done that, and so has Dafka and both of us have learned that change is possible. We would like the chance to help you.

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