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Frequently Asked Questions

These questions were posed directly to the Zoozimps during an interview with their creator.

Q.  What was the inspiration for the Zoozimps? Were they based off of Kilroy? (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kilroy_was_here)
A. To answer this question we need to make a brief description of our
creator. Please try to imagine the biggest nose you have ever seen (in
the Human world -- rhinos and Ian McKellen don't count). Got it? Now
double that. Pretty close. So, we think it is fairly obvious that we
were based on a self-caricature. Unlike us, he does have plenty of
hair, though. And a mouth. And five fingers in each hand. Weird guy.

We didn't know about Kilroy, and it seems like this character was not
involved in our creation, though now that we've seen him we agree that
there are some similarities.

Q. Is a single character a "Zoozimp"?

A. Yes. One Zoozimp, two Zoozimps.
Q. Is it "Zoo-Zimp" or "Zooz-Imp"?

A. It should really be said in one go, but I guess you could say "Zoo-zimp".
Q. Where do you guys come from?

A. We come from a tiny island located in what we have since discovered is
called the "Pacific Ocean" (we do think this name is weird given how
many wars Humans have fought over it, but anyway). Before our
"creator" (we should actually say "discoverer", even though we don't
have the feeling of being any more "discovered" after we got out of
our Island) found us, we didn't call our Island any name. We didn't
feel the need to name it; there was nothing else to compare it with.
We hadn't seen any Humans before. Now I guess you could call it
"Zoozimps Island". There's still plenty of us over there, our
discoverer didn't have a very large bag.
Q. Is there anything more to come from the world of Zoozimps in the forseeable future?

A. We definitely hope there is more of us coming. But we don't comment on
future plans. We're very secret. Booh.
Q. What do you spend your day doing?

A. It depends, I guess. Like humans. But these days,
for example (May and June), we are taking care of our noses: you wouldn't believe it,
but we have hay fever and given the size of our nose it's pretty much a full time job.
Q. What do you like to eat?

A. We do not have a mouth (you might have noticed).
We take all our energy from sunlight, and the receptors on our nose are the reason
why it's grown as much as possible while still allowing us to stand on our feet without
falling forward. We did find many of these "food" things when we first arrived around here,
and we played with them for a while, but we couldn't really do much more with them.
Q. Do Zoozimps have legs or just feet that dangle off their body?

A. Oh, so that's what these weird thick arm-like things
are called, "legs", huh? No, we don't have those. Which means we have to move
our body in an interesting way while walking (swing left, right, left, right).
Not very convenient but what can you say.
Q. How long is the normal life span for a Zoozimp? Do you have enemies?

A. Our life span is pretty much the same as you tiny-nosed people,
maybe a bit longer, it is not rare for us to reach 2654 zooz...
huh, sorry, I mean about 97 *years* old. Well, say 100. Or is that 1200 months?
How do you guys count? As for enemies, we don't know of any enemies we might have,
our attitude towards this world is rather curious and puzzled...
Q. Are there female Zoozimps? Are you unisex?

A. Yes, we are unisex, no males or females. And our nose would make any
close face-contact very complicated :-)
Q. How do you maintain reproduction if you're unisex?

A. Reproduction? Yeah we heard about that stuff, moles and femoles
(huh, right?), and frankly that seems to be creating quite a bit of
weird business. We don't "reproduce", we just appear, "pop", if you
will, out of thick air. Or is it thin air? Anyway, no saxxy business
for us, or whatever you like to call that.
Q. Who came first, you or the Humans?

A. Humans or us? That's very hard to tell. We didn't know there were
such things as "Humans" until very recently, and all that time we've
just been living on a remote island (well, remote for Humans, but very
central for us) without knowing much about the rest of this world. I,
for instance, know stories that date back to my
great-great-great-great-great-great-grandpa Zoozimp, but that's about
all I can remember.
Q. Have you had wars before?

A. Given the fact that we just appear and disappear, we didn't have
much of a population growth like you guys had. And still have. Our
number stayed quite stable over the years. And yeah it took us a while
before we understood the concept of war for Humans. Humans forcibly
disappearing other Humans (or "killing" as you say), I mean how stupid
is that. Wars are often driven by creatures not having enough
territory, or not enough to eat. We never had those problems. We
always lived on an Island much too big for us, and we always had much
too much of whatever it was that we needed. So no, no "wars".
Q. How did you discover sports and music?

A. To be honest I personally still don't really know what you guys mean
by sports and music. Does it have anything to do with all those funny
little things we found around us that made strange noises? Or that had
weird shapes and it didn't seem like these things were actually useful
for anything except frowning at them? Yeah we found those and tried to
figure out what they were used for, but we haven't really figured most
of them out yet. Maybe you can help us.
Q. When were you were discovered?

A. If you call a Human weirdo arriving on our Island and starting to
interact with us being "discovered", then that probably happened a few
zooplas ago, it is fairly recent. Ah, yes. Hmm. A zoopla is 64 of your
days. We have 8 fingers on our hands, you see, so it's more natural
for us to count in multiple of 8. Unlike you strange creatures with 10
fingers. How weird is that!
Q. Do your clothes always match your shoes?

A. Clothes and shoes: you may not believe it but we don't wear clothes,
we have nothing to hide (see above about raprudaction, huh, repro...
huh, sax stuff I mean). Our bodies are naturally colored. We do wear
shoes indeed, though, and we've been doing that for as long as I can
remember (and no I won't tell you my age). Lots of pointy rocks on our
island, ouchy ouchy without shoes. And of course our shoes should
always match our body's color, otherwise we'd see that as really,
really, really bad taste. Yaeuh. Bad.
Q. When do which of you appear during the day, and will we ever see you on other Google products?

A. Which ones of us come up during which hours of the day? You mean in
this Gmail thingy? You'll have to find that out yourself :-P We also
invaded uGoogle a while ago, you can see more of us there. Ah yeah,
sorry, iGoogle. We don't really know what Google is up to concerning
its products. They're very secret with us. Booh booh.


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