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In May of 2009, Torri came to Zoo`s Ferret Sanctuary.

Torri`s ferrent was a single mom with two kids. She was working, going to

school, and attending activities with her children. She was trying to keep a

lot of plates spinning. She didn`t have time for the ferret, and she

couldn`t afford a vet.

The little ferret was thin, dehydrated, and needed immediate medical 

attention.  She was barely moving...

We  were at the vet, in surgery,very quickly! 

When Torri felt good enough to walk, we discovered she has a problem

with her hind legs/hips--possibly due to an injury, at some point.


It is now February of 2010. Torri has a beautiful, plush coat, and has 

gained her weight back. 

Torri does not do well with other ferrets, and enjoys lots of one on one

time with mommy. She doesn`t stay out long at a time, so she gets more

short times to play :)


More later!

                   Love, Zoo