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Swiper Group

Swiper and Felix joined us in early 2005. We got a call from a woman

whose family had three ferrets but couldn`t take these two on.

Apparently, her boyfriend`s brother was abusing the boys and she
wanted to remove them and get them into a safe, loving home. The vet

suggested us.

The boys were about three years old.

Several months later we got a call from the same woman. Her

grandmother in California had died and left her a house and some money.

They were moving. Could we take Abby, Maggie, and Bear Bear??????

Abby, Maggie, and Bear Bear joined the family here at Zoo`s on October

29th, 2005.

Bear Bear is the largest ferret at Zoo`s. He weighs over three pounds. He

was said to be a bad biter but has only bitten once since he came. He is

blonde and between three and four years old.

Abby is in good general health--about four years old. A sweet little

chocolate girl.

Maggie is a chocolate girl, very fragile and adrenal. She got a lupron shot

last month (Thank you, SOS!!!) and has begun to re-grow her fur!!! It is

hard to guess her age but we feel she is at least four too.

UPDATE:March 16, 2010

It`s been awhile since we updated. 

We lost our Maggie on Nov 9, 2007. Abby got that terrible illness that

swept our room in December of 2008--and she died on the 16th.

We lost our sweet Swiper on February 21, 2009...

We lost Bear Bear just before Christmas 2009. (Thanks so much to Pat

Shaskin,who chose to be a santa to Bear Bear, as well as & Gary for 2009.)

After we lost Bear Bear, Pat sent a huge box of wonderful treats & toys "To

Gary, &   in memory of Bear Bear" (Made me cry!) 

Felix is the last one left of this group. He`s about eight years old now, &

has lymphoma. His heartbeat is odd. He has a mass on his ear, but Dr.

Katie agrees that going in for surgery to remove it would probably 

kill him.

He is comfortable & happy for now--so we`re leaving it alone. He is on a

low dose of pred to slow the growth, and he gets home-brewed Essiac in his


Felix is a peacemaker, who gets along well with absolutely everyone...

                                  Felix on March 16, 2010