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Susan and Lucy

Susan & Lucy have been in our lives since early 2005. They returned home

on October 7, 2009, when both became very ill. Foster dad worked long

hours, and could not monitor them. He could not be there for the special

feedings, & to give the necessary meds.

The girls were very bonded, and we were afraid that if we lost one, the

other might follow quickly. 

Realizing that both were extremely fragile, we began to run them both

with others on the meds wall, hoping they would form some new

friendships. Hoping that if we lost one, the other would have friends to

distract her.

This picture was taken of the girls on Christmas Day. It was one of the very

last pictures of the girls together. They were about 6 years old.

                                      Lucy                  Susan

Lucy lost her battle with insulinoma on March 28, 2010.

Susan has coped much better than expected. She loves Rossi & Bongo, and

spends many hours quietly cuddled up with them. Sometimes she goes

back with Cinnamon & Kodo.She gets to enjoy many short periods out of 

the cage, because she gets along with absolutely everyone. 

Foster dad comes, every couple of weeks to visit, & help out.

More later.

                          Love, Zoo
UPDATE: September 14, 2010
It has been awhile. We lost Bongo several months ago, and Rossi too, has passed :(
Both lived much longer than anyone expected. Susan still loves to cuddle with Kodo--but
she also loves Melmin, who lost Roy, a few months ago--so the three share a home
together now. They run happily with several others on the meds wall (including Cinnamon
& Ginger from the Squirrels group) during playtime, and all is well. Susan is about
6 1/2 years old now.