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Slinky came to us in 2008, because she was sick, and her 17 year old

(at the time) mommy could not provide the intensive care she needed. 

Slinky had quit eating, was very dehydrated, and was pooing black.It

didn`t look good :(

We treated Slinky for ulcers, and provided around the clock care, 

subcutaneous fluids, & feedings. Slinky responded, and put on some

weight. She began to eat her kibble, & play once again. About three

weeks later, she was doing so well, that we let her go back home with

her mommy.

In just a few days, Slinky was back--in worse shape than before...

We don`t know if she was stressed because of another ferret in her

group at home, or what the issue was. It looked for a time, that she

might not pull out of it again--but she made it, once more.

At that time, we felt it was best for Slinky to stay here, as she was

recovering.We suspect IBD, but the only definitive test involves sending a

sample of the stomach lining in to the lab... Because she is doing very well

at this time, we are not opting for that. We are avoiding as much stress on

her as possible.

We told the mommy that we understood how busy she was, but that we

would really appreciate two hours a month of volunteering from her.

(TWO HOURS A MONTH.) We really could use the help!

It would also give her the chance to visit Slinky.

She volunteered twice in 2009 -- once in March, and once in October,

when she brought us another sick one. She was too busy to volunteer


There was school, and work, and everything an 18 year old needs to do.

It`s all about priorities, you know....

Slinky, December 2009

UPDATE: May 15, 2010

Slinky did well, clear until last night. She ate well, drank well, & played well.

She never lost any weight. She appeared to be the picture of health.

Late last night, without warning, she became quite pale, and went to sleep

for good.There was never any pain. She just became tired & weak, & went to

sleep in my arms. She was gone before we could get to the vet. If one has

to die,though, how does it get better than this? 

We sure are going to miss her sweet face...