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Princess Flash

On June 28th, 2008, Princess Flash came from St. Charles to join the

family at Zoo`s Ferret Sanctuary.

The woman who called us explained that her eight year old son had

become allergic to the ferret. They wanted to be sure she would have a

good home. They wanted to know where she would be.

The ferret had lived her first four years as a male named Flash, but after

"he" had escaped, a couple weeks ago, the person who found "him" broke 

the news that Flash was a girl!! The little boy had re-named her "Princess"
for the remaining two weeks they had her.

Because we already had a Princess (Jennifer`s group) and a Flash (The

Squirrels) we decided together on the name Princess Flash.

When I asked if they would like to sponsor Princess Flash, I explained that

even $5.00 a month would help---and that every dollar counted towards

food. The little boy reached into his pocket and pulled out a dollar bill, 

folded in fourths. He grinned, as he proudly handed it to me. I was

reminded of the Bible story where the woman put the two coins into the

collection plate. To most, it didn`t look like much---but to HER, it was

everything she HAD! A most generous gift.... I was so touched that this

little boy was willing to give everything he had, to help Princess Flash. It

was one of the most memorable donations we have ever had, here. After

Jakob gave me his dollar, his mom contributed too.

I`m very impressed with the message this mother has given her son.

Although they can`t keep the ferret, they have not just dumped her. They

do want occasional updates, and may return for a visit, whenever they

would like to.

Princess Flash has a mast cell tumor on her back. It comes & goes. We`re

watching it carefully. She may need surgery to remove it, at some point. 

UPDATE: The tumor got nasty & began to grow.

Princess Flash had her surgery on March 6, 2009. 

This picture was taken just before we went to the vet. 

The picture below was taken three weeks later. Fur was already starting

to re-grow, in the shaved area. One had to look hard to even see the scar!

Dr. Katie does such neat work <3 <3 <3. 


Princess Flash in January 2010

Princess Flash is six years old now! (Wow.)

She`s doing great!!!

More later.
                      Love, Zoo