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Melmin & Roy

On March 20, 2009, Melmin & Roy joined the family At Zoo`s Ferret

 Sanctuary. Both appeared to be around four years old.

The beautiful champagne boy, Melmin, had been mauled by a dog, several

months before, when he belonged to another owner, who was supposed to

protect him. He had lost an eye, and his shoulder, leg, and paw were 

broken, as well. It healed badly, but Melmin`s attitude was very

courageous. He walked on three legs.

Melmin`s cagemate Roy had belonged to the fiance of the woman who

surrendered them both to us. Roy was one of the longest ferrets I had

ever seen!!! and a bit on the thin side. His bloodwork wasn`t good when

he had his first exam--but he has straightened out now, & is doing


Our site has sat, untouched for nearly a year now--so we weren`t able 

to get  Melmin & Roy up before now.

As of now, January 16, 2010, Roy has filled out beautifully, and has a

plush sable winter coat. He has developed into such a love...

Melmin is such a happy little spirit. He realizes that he has limitations

--but he`s a bit like the energizer bunny, and he does the best that he

can. As long as I am alive, no one will ever hurt him again--I promised


Our deepest thanks, gratitude, and love to April, who sponsors these two--

and who will become their mommy, if anything happens to me.

More later.

                              Love, Zoo

UPDATE: New pictures!

Melmin in February 2010

Roy in February 2010