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Hunter & Syd

 On July 8th, 2009, we received this email:

I have two incredibly sweet boys that I love with all my heart and have an interesting story. I got

 them over a year and a half ago and had to make the hard choice of re-homing them. Found them

 a good home a couple months ago I thought, but the woman that took them is now expressing

 difficulty taking care of them and we have decided to work together in finding them a new place

 because I would gladly take them back, but my landlord will not allow them, but finding has put

 both our minds at ease and I would like to speak with you further about bringing them to you.


We emailed back that we were ferret-sitting for a friend for two more weeks. (The playroom

 was being used.) We explained that we had a couple of newbies in quarantine as well. We were

 unable to take Hunter & Syd for at least a couple of weeks. 

The current mom didn`t have the patience to wait even a couple of weeks. She

listed them on Craigslist!!   Not good.... Some of the kids on campus feed cheap ferrets to their 

snakes--and closer to the city, ferrets are used as bait for dog fight training :(

When we were emailed by the first mom, with this news, we feared for their safety, and told her

to get the boys & bring them here. They joined our family on July 18th, 2009. We quarantined 

them in the guest room.

The mom promised to come volunteer from time to time, so she could help us, and visit Hunter &


Hunter & Syd live with Cassie & Bella. They are a beautiful group.