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On December 11, 2009, Fairy was brought to us because she had been

replaced by an infant. The man surrendering her stated "I do not have

room enough for the two of them"

Fairy is a little champagne girl, about two years old. She has made lots of

new friends, and loves it here.

The man has been back a couple of times to volunteer (for which we are

very grateful!) He wishes to stay in touch, and to see her, from time to


We ask everyone surrendering a ferret if they could possibly help us for

just 2 hours a month. TWO HOURS A MONTH. Most say they will--but few

actually do :(

We ask those living further out, if they could help us by sponsoring the

ferret they bring to us. (Even a small amount of support is helpful, because

expenses are great here!) 

Most say they will, & check the "yes" box--but most often, we never hear

from them again.

Below, is our sweet Fairy.


      Fairy playing with some toys made by Aunt Libby Nelson :)


NOVEMBER 5, 2013

Fairy is still with us, and is doing well for a six year old. Her color is quite a bit lighter now. She has no glaring health issues, although her walk is a bit stiff (arthritis??)

Fairy doesn`t really care for other ferrets now, so her time out of the cage is usually early morning, or later at night. The phone isn`t ringing then, and people aren`t here to distract me. I have become her playmate LOL. More later.