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On October 1 2009, we got the following email:

"Good afternoon,
I currently have two ferrets and a nice large cage and all the amenities a

ferret could want.  I am having an issue with one of my ferrets, however.

I feel like I have tried every trick in the book, but I cant train her to stop

biting (hard!). She also doesn't get along so well with my cat, or my 

boyfriend (who bought the ferrets with me). With how much she is costing

me financially, and with how much I've been getting bit, Id like to help her

find a better home than I am willing to provide. Your shelter looks great

and I was wondering if theres room for my ferret there? Please let me


Soon after, Bucky came to Zoo`s Ferret Sanctuary. She was everything

her ferrent said & more!!! Even ADDIE couldn`t Have topped this young

lady. She bit brutally, and rather enjoyed drawing blood!

The mom`s hands & arms were covered with scars & gashes. Some of the

students she taught had asked her if she "cut herself" or "self-mutilated"

It was agreed that we would attempt to rehab Bucky & return her--but we

all really knew that Bucky had already burned her bridges with the

boyfriend.Bucky had absolutely no use for men...


We were hesitant to separate Bucky and her laid-back brother, whom the

ferrents still wanted.Sometimes ferrets will grieve over a lost cagemate &

even  stop eating.

Bucky`s best chance was here though, and we all knew that---so we

agreed to keep each other posted as to how the separated cagemates were 

doing.The former mom planned to come volunteer, & visit Bucky.

They gave her brother lots of extra TLC, and we did the same for Bucky.

For several days, Bucky did grieve & pine away for her brother--even to

the point that she refused to eat. It was heartbreaking. She had little use

for humans, especially males, but she really loved her brother, 

and missed him :(

When quarantine was over, she did much better with the others (MANY

others!) to run & play with. She got along absolutely great with everyone.

UPDATE: It is February 19, 2010.

Bucky knows she`s safe here now. She will break from the group & run to

me when I call her name :)

She still nips humans --but not as hard now.  We really do love her--and 

she  deserves to be loved. I am able to hold her for longer periods of

time, before she squirms LOL. She bites Kurt instantly. She doesn`t like men

very much--even the good ones.

She has bonded with Fairy & Belix, and they have become cagemates.

We haven`t heard from the former mom since just after Christmas.

More later.
                                  Love, Zoo

UPDATE: June 15, 2010

Bucky isn`t biting much anymore at all. Today, I got a kiss :)

She has been handled by trusted volunteers, and we are 

guarded--but so far, so good. She has come such a long, long way. I just

love this little girl with all my heart. 

More later.

                           Love, Zoo

UPDATE: April 5, 2011

Bucky is doing wonderfully. She has no health issues at this time, and is 

getting along well with all of the other ferrets. She still has trust issues with

human males, but has not bitten any of them in quite a while.  Her former

mommy hasn`t come to visit or help in over a year.

                                           Bucky in April of 2011


OCTOBER 9, 2013

Bucky is still with us, and going strong. She gets along well with all of the other ferrets, but occasionally slips up & nibbles on our vice President LOL. We absolutely adore this ferret. She has so much spunk & attitude. She has no idea how tiny she is. She`s our fearless little princess. 

More later.
                                  Love, Zoo