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Baby Girl

On September 30th 2008, Baby Girl joined the family at Zoo`s Ferret 

Sanctuary. She had belonged to a young man in his late teens. 

Baby Girl`s brother had run away, and Baby Girl was lonely and

heartbroken. He wanted her to have other ferrets to play with, and a

happy life again. He loved her very much.

We agreed that Baby Girl could stay here with us, and that he would make

the drive to volunteer, from time to time, & visit her. (He lived a distance

away--maybe an hour or so.)

On a couple of occasions, plans were made for him to come, but he had to

cancel. We were really hoping he would stay in her life---but it didn`t 


 Baby Girl never made it onto the site until now (February5,


We`ve been working hard to get them all up--but we have 80 little

ones here to care for too--and without much help :( 

It`s taking a while, but we`re getting there.

Here is our sweet Baby Girl.

             Baby Girl, January 2010

October 9, 2013

It has been nearly four years since our last update on Baby Girl. She`s still with us! Her tail is almost completely white now. She prefers sleeping alone, but enjoys one on one time with Mommy, early in the morning, or late at night, when the phone isn`t ringing. At these times, she has Mommy all to herself--and playtime is fun :)
We think Baby Girl was about two when she joined us. That would make her around seven now. For that age, she is in pretty good health.

More later.
                                    Love, Zoo