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Various letters to local papers

Sept2010: letter about "Directions 2031", and its push for lots of higher density in existing suburbs.

I have a particular interest in cycle routes and public transport and the major traffic generators for Broadway/HampdenRd are QEII and UWA.
While undergrads (i) are only taught for half the year, and (ii) most are interested in living close to their non-UWA paid employment more than living very close to UWA, the present arrangements of transport to UWA is fine. Minor improvements like car-pooling and much better cycle route marking are, of course, desirable - but the bus service is good.
More on this is at https://sites.google.com/site/keadytransport/home/qeiianduwa. It has a link to a letter I sent to the Post 5th Nov 2011.

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