Academic Profile


2013.9 - current Assistant Professor, ECE, University of Wisconsin - Madison
2012.9 - 2013.8 Physical Science Research Associate, Ginzton Lab, Stanford University
2009.10 - 2012.8Postdoc, Electrical Engineering, Stanford University


2009 Ph. D.   Applied Physics,  Stanford University      Thesis advisor: Shanhui Fan

2008 M.S.     Management Science and Engineering,    Stanford University

2004 B.S.       Physics, University of Science and Technology of China


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Recent invited talks

9. PECS-XI The 11st International Symposium on Photonic and Electromagnetic Crystal Structure "Superradiant thermal emission and absorption suppression" Shanghai, China, May.2014

8. KAIST EEWS Int’l workshop on next-generation photovoltaics “Nanophotonics for enhancing photocurrent and voltage”, Daejeon, Korea, Oct. 2013. 

7. SPIE Photonic North “Nanophotonic light trapping and thermal extraction” Ottawa, Canada, June 2013. 

6.IEEE Photonics Conference (LEOS) “Managing sunlight and thermal emission with broadband nanophotonics”,  San Francisco, CA, 2012. 

5. OSA (Optical Society of America) Annual Meeting “Light trapping for managing broadband radiation: sunlight and thermal radiation” Rochester, NY, 2011. 

4. MRS (Materials Research Society) Fall Meeting “Wave domain light trapping theory”, Boston, MA, 2011. 

3. IEEE 35th Photovoltaics Specialist Conference “Nanodome Solar Cells with Efficient Light Harvesting”, 30 minutes Extended Talk, Honolulu, HI, 2010. 

2. NNIN National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network workshop “Nanophotonics Theory and Simulations”, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, 2010. 

1. SPIE Photonics West “Dynamic photonic structures for integrated photonics”, San Francisco, CA, 2010