Purpose of the HA Zone 2 Web Site

This web site is available to Zone 2Minor Hockey Associations as a working tool to provide a quick reference to documents and forms and to answers to frequently asked questions about regulations and procedures. 

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Zone 2

To assist in the administration of the Hockey Alberta and to assist in carrying out its objectives, the Province of Alberta is divided into Zones. 

The Zone boundaries are defined in Appendix IV of the Hockey Alberta Regulations.  Zone 2 comprises all Minor Hockey Association in the following area: 

North Boundary

Commencing at the 5th meridian and the north boundary of the province (Alberta-N.W.T.), then east to the 4th meridian (Alberta-Saskatchewan border).

East Boundary

Proceeding south along the 4th meridian from the north boundary of township 126 to the south boundary of township 44.

South Boundary

Proceeding diagonally north west from the south boundary of township 44 and the 4th meridian, to the north boundary of the north west corner of township 53, range 20, west of the 4th meridian, then proceeding west along the north boundary of township 53 until it intersects with the east boundary limits of the City of Edmonton.

West Boundary

Proceeding north from a point of the north boundary of the City of Edmonton and Highway 28 (97 Street) until it intersects with Highway 18 (5 miles east of Clyde) between sections 34 and 35, township 59, range 24, west of the 4th meridian then east along Highway 18 for 13 miles to the road allowance between sections 2 and 1, township 60, range 22, west of the 4th meridian (2 miles west of Thorhild) then north to the south boundary of township 74 between sections 3 and 4, range 21, west of the 4th meridian, then proceeding west to the 5th meridian. The remaining west boundary is the same as the east boundary of Zone 1.

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