Zomick's Challah Recipe - Kosher Food

With the holidays nearing, we're thinking on our holiday tables and meals, and everything comes in our minds. Zomick’s Kosher Bakery offers some guidance for the people that follow kosher dietary rules.

Zomick's Challah Recipe - Kosher Food

According to Zomick’s bake shop personnel, kosher meat and poultry (chicken, turkey, duck, etc.) must be prepared using shechita method (quick cut by a super-sharp knife), which is the most painless way of killing the animal.  Furthermore, the man that does this shechita act is called shochet. In Israel, there is other person also responsible for removing the chelev and the gid hanashe, other than the shochet. These individuals work are both supervised by a special rabbi, who ensures that they comply with kosher dietary rules. After the shechita act is finished, you need to make the required bedika check on the animal in order to make sure that it haven’t been damaged during these two acts, which would make it make it not-kosher.

The next step that Zomick’s Bakery recommends is that the meat must next be washed in order the blood to be removed, afterwards, you need to soak the meat in lukewarm water (for about 30 minutes). After you've finished soaking the meat, the meat should be washed carefully, and you need to leave the meat dry a little (not completely or the salt will stick to it). When you've salted the meat on six sides (top, bottom and four sides) let it stand for 1 hour on a board so that the blood can drain off. After that hour passes, all you need to do is to rinse the meat three times in order to remove both the salt and blood.

Combining meat and milk

First of all, the Torah laws in regards of combining milk and meat are very strict and clear. Furthermore, the people that follow kosher dietary rules are very firm when it comes to obeying these rules. Actually, you need to use different dishes and other cooking utensils, and tablecloths. 
‘Pareve’ is the food that does not contain any meat or milk in it. Therefore, this means that this food can be combined with either a meat or dairy products (salad and drinking glasses can be combined with both meat and milk dishes). After consuming meat, you will need to wait up some time until you start eating milk products (about six hours or less than six hours for the meat to digest before we eat dairy products).

On the other hand, the dairy products are digested much faster than meat products, so you needn’t wait too long. In fact, when you have consumed milk, you will have to wait up for 30 minutes, before eating meat. When preparing Zomick’s bread it is also recommended to clean your mouth with water (which represents a pareve drink) before eating milk products.

Nowadays, many products contain the required kosher label. In order the product to get a kosher label, every ingredient needs to go through a strict inspection in case the product contains some non-kosher ingredients within. You can find the best certified kosher products ( such as, Zomick’s Bread and Zomick’s Challah Recipe ) at our bake shop, which is quite possibly the best kosher bakery in New York.