Zombie Swarm is an action-based roguelike game, in which you must survive endless waves of zombies, with just three allies at your side.  Choose from up to six different weapons, and collect powerups, build barricades, and blast away the undead on your quest to achieve the high score.


Arrow Keys - Movement
Shift - Sprint
Mouse - Aim Guns, Left Click to Shoot
Space - Build Barricade
1 - Switch to Pistol
2 - Switch to Rifle
3 - Switch to Shotgun
4 - Switch to Machine Gun
5 - Switch to Grenade Launcher
6 - Switch to Proximity Mine
P - Pause
o - Open Doors
c - Close Doors
Escape - Quit
? - Help Menu
F12 - Save a Screenshot


There are many kinds of powerups you can get, represented by a purple diamond.  Some powerups increase your personal stats, like speed, health, and the maximum wood you can carry, and some increase the capabilities of your guns.  Collect as many as you can find to increase your chances of survival