Welcome to the Institute for Zombie Preparedness, the oldest institution of higher learning for undead studies in the United States. Please use the navigation at the left to find our History, Faculty, Admissions, and Courses, in addition to other information about IZP.

IZP News and Events:
  • 7.30 Bahahaha we're not having any first years' class this year! Take that! 
  • 5.18 In coordination with researchers at IZP, the CDC has released a website dealing with matters of the undead. It can be found here and should be seen as a step in the right direction for disseminating information to the public. 
  • 5.18 Summer recess has begun. 
  • 4.6 We welcome back our Headmaster after his extended research tour of New Zealand. He will present New Zealand: A Safe Haven? Thursday night after all school dinner. 
  • 3.17 Happy birthday to Dr Zalcenstein. Whoever put that zombie in his office: nice. 
  • 3.2 The Headmaster can think of no news for today. 
  • 2.24 IZP is pleased to welcome two new faculty. Anna Bank, MD will be heading up the Institute's new MD program, while Spencer Nelle, PhD will take over as head of the engineering department. Please see the Faculty page for more information. 
  • 2.24 The Headmaster is happy to announce the Institute's newest degree program: the MD. This degree will be geared toward preparing physicians to administer healthcare under siege and in a largely undead world. The first class will enter this Fall. Please see the Admissions page for more information. 
  • 2.24 The public IZP site is back up. Admitted applicants will be notified of acceptance in the next few weeks. Please have bags and gear packed to expedite airlifting to Grounds. 
  • 1.7 The IZP site will be temporarily going internal-only in an effort to deter unwanted viewership. 
  • 11.23 Planes and helicopters to take students and staff home for Thanksgiving will be leaving from the airstrip in an hour. For those staying on grounds, celebrations will begin Thursday morning and continue through to Friday. Please do not confuse the shipment of turkeys for a shipment of test zombies. 
  • 11.8 There will be an advanced screening of the rest of The Walking Dead first season and a discussion led by Dr Sherman and other faculty Thursday night after the All-School Dinner. 
  • 10.29 The Halloween Festival begins tonight with the Harvest Feast, ending Sunday with the Halloween Ball. For your own safety, undead costumes are not allowed. 
  • 10.19 IZP is not currently looking to take on additional faculty or security staff. If you would like to be considered for these positions in the future, please submit three copies of your CV, a personal statement, and a 3 minute videotape showcasing your hand to hand combat skills.
  • 9.13 First year students are reminded that the Paddock and Holding Tank are off-limits every Thursday morning at 12.01am for feeding and maintenance. 
  • 8.25 Welcome Week begins Monday. First year students will meet with their Halls' Masters for scheduling Monday at noon. The Welcome Week banquet will be in the meadow at 7.00 Friday. Formal attire required. One small firearm per person, please. 
  • 8.6 The administration would like to remind everyone that practical jokes involving the undead are dangerous and can have fatal consequences. Tragedy was very narrowly avoided in yesterday's incident. Those responsible will face disciplinary action.
  • 7.9 Due to extreme heat, test zombie circulation has been temporarily halted. If you need emergency access to the Tank, please speak with the Gamekeeper.
  • 6.16 Congratulations to our surviving students! The Midnight Brain Basher Ball will be this Saturday at midnight. Outside dates are allowed pending negative security check findings.
  • 5.20 Summer classes begin on Monday. Dr. Zalcenstein will be on sabbatical through August; his classes will be run by Dr. Barberie.
  • 5.4 First day of finals. Good luck. Stay safe.
  • 4.23 Those students who had the misfortune of contracting leishmaniasis while on the recent simulated island siege retreat will be allowed to postpone their exams until their major cutaneous ulcers are healed. They are also reminded to remain indoors and isolated so as not to alarm the IZP community with their zombie-like wounds. Please see Dr Viqar at the Lonetown Medical Center for more information.
  • 4.21 Finals are fast approaching. Review sessions will begin tonight in the library for academic courses and in the paddock for practicals. Please see your hall's Master for the schedule.
  • 4.12 The Spring fortification technique retreat will depart at 4.00pm from the IZP airstrip. All fourth year students are required to attend. Students should pack for 5 days of moderately high temperatures and island living.
  • 4.8 As a reminder, the inspector from the Department of Health will be arriving for the annual inspection. Remember, the Department of Health is not privy to the operations of IZP, so adjust your behavior accordingly. Couch all bladed weaponry BENEATH clothing.
  • 3.17 Happy Birthday to Dr Zalcenstein. In celebration we will be loosing two test zombies in the paddock for his pleasure.
  • 2.16 All students and faculty should be aware of an intruder on the grounds. His name is Jordan Ford, a white, 23-year-old male with long brown hair and a waxy, unattractive countenance. He is to be shot on sight.
  • 12.28 Congratulations to all students who survived fall exams. Final marks will be posted by tomorrow afternoon.
  • 12.17 Tonight's All School Dinner will be followed by a demonstration of enzyme weaponry led by Dr Slavin. Finals study sessions will begin tomorrow.
  • 12.5 Recent events uncovered by IZP staff and leaked by Wired must be dealt with swiftly and quietly. All post-first year students are to report to the Armory for instructions. Pilots ready all aircraft.
  • 11.9 Students who are interested in becoming admissions tour guides may apply this week through Dr Sherman in the Hudson Visitor Center near North Gate.
  • 11.2 The Code Red invasion drill will be held this Wednesday along with student vs.  faculty scrimmages.
  • 10.22 The Armory is now stocking Kevlar helmets. All students required to take practical midterms will be expected to pick up one.
  • 10.22 Special Lecture tomorrow night at 7 by Dr Barberie: When Zombie Hordies Meet the Dream State: Lessons Learned from Success and Failure in Zombie-Laden Dreams.
  • 10.2 There will be a screening of Zombieland tonight in Saugatuck Hall, followed by a discussion of the film's accuracy led by Dr Barberie.
  • 9.22 Tomorrow night will be an axe-wielding seminar with Dr Soderstrom in the meadow. Sign-up ends tonight at midnight. This is required for students in ZOM206 Intro to Bladed Weaponry.
  • 9.14 This Friday will be the semester's first Ball. All upperclassmen are welcome. Evening dress is required, and only one firearm per student admitted.  Underclassmen will meet Drs Arroyo and Zalcenstein at midnight in the Paddock for drills.
  • 9.8 Welcome to all incoming students. Headmaster Barberie will be delivering a mandatory address in Putnam Hall. Afterward you may meet with gamekeeper Arroyo for weapon pickup if you have enrolled in a scrimmage class. Tonight will also be the first student mixer of the year, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Enjoy your first day of class.
  • 8.25 The first day of lessons will be Tuesday, Sept. 8th. Student schedules will be handed out at Thursday's All-School dinner on the meadow of IZP farm. The Holding Tank will be open for circulation starting next week. First years should see Gamekeeper Arroyo for an orientation to the checkout process. Bring gloves.
  • 8.17 Orientation for new students (class of '28) will begin next week. All faculty and students are reminded to arrive at IZP at least two days before orientation begins for security and viral checkups. Failure to cooperate with security and medical staff will result in disciplinary action.
  • 7.26 The Gamekeeper has dealt with the infestation of tiny critters and asks students and faculty to go about their use of the Tank as usual, but reminds everyone not to leave sandwiches or other food items laying around.
  • 7.6 Congratulations to Dr Zalcentstein and his successful ZomP dissertation defense: Synthetic Acids and Their Use in Zombie Abatement.
  • 7.6 Tonight there will be a marathon of zombie related movies with questionable fact checking. Students are reminded that these are shown for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as proof that zombies can climb trees, or communicate between one another. Prominently featured will be the Norwegian film "Dead Snow". For the complete lineup, see Dr. Barberie. A discussion with Dr. Zalcenstein will follow.
  • 6.23 The IZP community mourns the loss of benefactor and long-time undead fighter Ed McMahon who passed away today. His generosity to the school led the the endowed chair in Zombie History and Theory. Memorial services will be held in Saugatuck Hall tonight at 8.
  • 6.18 Registration for summer courses will open next week. Student's should see their halls' Masters for guidance.
  • 6.11-13 This weekend, Drs Barberie and Zalcenstein will be holding a special seminar on coastal zombie defense in Cape Cod.
  • 6.5 Tonight there will be a special screening of Jennings's masterpiece "Violence and Gore in North America". A roundtable discussion headed by Dr. Barberie will follow.
  • 5.25 Tonight there will be a special presentation by Dr. Barberie on how to cope with the large amount of undead roaming the streets that will follow the "liberation" of the Guantanamo Bay zombie holding facility. Wine and cheese will follow.
  • 5.21 Tonight's All-School dinner will be held alfresco in the meadow near the farm. Swimming and CTF will ensue after. 
  • 5.17 Commencement will be held on 5.22 and 5.23 with Akira Momofuko of the Tokyo International School for Undead Studies speaking.
  • 5.12 Final exam practicals will be held Thursday and Friday. Please use the south path to avoid the Paddock from noon on Thursday until noon on Friday.
  • 5.12 Congratulations to Dr Soderstrom on her successful dissertation defense: The Use of Bladed Weaponry Through the Ages in Cases of Undead Management: Models for Future Development.
  • 5.10 Contrary to student rumors, Dr Zalcenstein's illness is only a pneumothorax and he should be approached as usual.
  • 5.5 This Friday will be the last day of classes, followed by Reading Week next week. The Dining Hall will be open day-round.
  • 5.1 Tomorrow is Field Day. Sign-up for events begins at 9 and the Armory opens at 9.30. All-School CTF will start at 5pm and then the feast at 10.
  • 4.28 Due to the unseasonal heat, practicals with test zombies have been suspended to preserve their remaining flesh. Please check in with the Gamekeeper, Dr Arroyo, if you have an urgent need.
  • 4.26 There will be an open recording for Zombies: The Musical with Dr Zalcenstein and Ms Soderstrom in Saugatuck Hall from 10 to 5.00pm. Refreshments to follow.
  • 4.20 Congratulations to all students admitted from the waitlist after this weekend's unfortunate incident. A second admitted students weekend will be held for them from 4.23-4.26.
  • 4.12 Congratulations to the admitted class of '13! An admitted students weekend will be held 4.16-4.19.
  • 4.12 Drs Sherman and Slavin will be holding a scrimmage on the field tonight for all students. A scoped weapon is required.
  • 4.6 Please do not disturb Dr. Barberie today. All queries will be redirected to Dr. Zalcenstein.
  • 4.5 The Midnight Basher Ball is this Friday. Formal dress; one weapon only in the ballroom. Sign in non-IZP guests at the Hudson Visitor Center by 8pm. Have fun!
  • 4.1 This morning's student prank resulted in three deaths. Disciplinary hearings will be tonight at 11.59pm.
  • 3.30 Last week's incident regarding the IZP tech department has been resolved. School news will be on this site once again. Applications for admission to the IZP tech department should be filed with Dr. Barberie.
  • 3.23 Dr Zalcenstein is giving a guest lecture in New York tonight and his classes this evening are canceled.
  • 3.20 Midterm week has closed. Congratulations to all those who survived. The all-school Midterm Banquet will start at 8pm followed by a midnight game of CTF.
  • 3.18 Students in Dr. Zalcenstein's classes are reminded that all papers will be due this Friday at 3 pm. Late entries will be graded harshly and the offending student(s) will be subject to disciplinary measures at the discretion of Doctors Barberie and Zalcenstein.
  • 3.17 Happy Birthday to Dr Zalcenstein. Please don't steal his pancakes tonight.
  • 3.16 Midterm exam week for undergraduates. Tonight there will be a midnight breakfast in the Dining Hall.
  • 3.12 Russian campaign X938 has ended successfully. Normal schedule resumes.
  • 3.12 Emergency Meeting: All IZP students, faculty and staff will convene in Saugatuck Hall to address an alarming recent development. IZP pilots are to please report to the Airstrip and prepare for flights to Novosibirsk, Russia. Armory open as of 3.30pm.
  • 3.12 Tonight's All-School dinner will welcome our new Gamekeeper, Michael Arroyo, ZomP. Congratulations, Dr Arroyo.
  • 3.10 Undergraduate midterm exams begin next week. Master's Teas will be replaced by study sessions for the rest of the week and the dining hall will operate all day. Good luck, stay alive.
  • 3.5 The Conservatory for Re-Animated Corpse Management will be holding practical exams in the Paddock tonight. Please see the Gamekeeper for subjects no later than 9pm.
  • 3.2 Tonight's EX108 class has been postponed to tomorrow night at 8pm. All students are urged to practice their skills tonight anyway. There will be an examination next Tuesday at 10pm.
  • 3.1 Tickets and security clearances for non-IZP dates for the Midnight Basher Ball are available starting today. If anyone could fix up Dr Barberie, it would be much appreciated.
  • 2.22 Tonight's speech by Professor Glad from Aperture Science has been indefinitely postponed.
  • 2.20 Tonight's all-school CTF scrimmage will commence at sundown. Teams will be determined at the start of the game.
  • 2.16 The Gamekeeper has requested that classes be suspended between noon and 3.00pm to facilitate the refreshing of the Holding Tank supplies. All students and faculty are to report to the Paddock with gear for instructions.
  • 2.14 Happy birthday to Headmaster Barberie. To celebrate, the doors of the Armory, Paddock, and Holding Tank will all be thrown wide open at 8 pm.
  • 2.10 Security update: All students are to remain in their residence halls tonight until daylight.
  • 2.8 Professor Alan Sattler from Juilliard will be giving a special seminar entitled "Zombayz, Daddy-O: A Look at Hipster Viewpoints on the Undead" in Saugatuck Hall at 8pm.
  • 2.5 Dr Slavin will present a symposium on current directions in nano-delivered neurotoxins at tonight's All-School dinner.
  • 2.2 Tonight's bladed weaponry practicum has been postponed due to Dr Sherman's recently severed limb.
  • 1.31 Last day for Fall '14 applications.
  • 1.28 A special lecture on Danny Boyle's "28 Days Later" will be given tonight by Dr Stone at 7.00pm in Saugatuck Hall.
  • 1.26 Tonight's special seminar on sniping is being moved from 9pm to 7pm in anticipation of a small breakout. All students please report to the dining hall in battle gear.
  • 1.21 Reminder: Tomorrow is the last day of special orders from the armory for supplies for this weekend's first-years' practical exam.
  • 1.20 First day of classes. All first years please remember that tonight is the Master's Tea in your residence halls starting at 6.00pm.
  • 1.16 Red Eagle is go. Repeat, Red Eagle is go.
  • 1.13 A presentation by L'Académie du Zombi professor Adrien Devereux will be held tonight at 6.00pm, followed by demonstrations in the Paddock.
  • 1.9 The East Wing of Kholos Hall has been temporarily sealed off due to a minor outbreak. All affected students please report to Dr. Barberie's office.
  • 1.8 After tonight's All-School Dinner there will be a showing of Dr. Zalcenstein's documentary on the Nigerian method of zombie abatement in Saugatuck Concert Hall.
  • 1.7 Congratulations to all students who passed the diagnostic test. Condolences to Patgiri, A. and Schuyler, P. Funerals will be held tomorrow at 6 pm in the chapel.
  • 1.5 Diagnostic tests will be held today and tomorrow in Paddock B for students beginning this semester. Please bring only necessary materials (ID card, sword, up to two guns of your choice).
  • 1.1 Tonight's All-School Dinner has been moved to 7.30pm to accommodate the arrival of our new PhD student, Aretha Soderstrom.
  • 12.30 The Application for Admission for the Undergraduate class of '13 at IZP will be available in the coming few weeks. 
  • 12.17 Library Update: A meeting about the new Holding Tank sign-out process will be held with the Gamekeeper at 10.00pm. Please bring gloves.
  • 12.11 Security Alert: Please note that the Paddock will be off limits for a practical dissertation from noon to noon on the 12th.

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