Zombism in the Mile High City

 Zombie Hash 2014
Admit it, we all want a Zombie Apocalypse.
October 17, 2014  at 7:00pm
This will be the day the undead will rise and take to the streets of Denver, drink beer with you, generally behave badly, and then eat your brains.
WHEN: October 176h, 6:30
WHERE: Ice House,1801 Wynkoop Denver
HARES: Hurts So Good and 2x1
BRING: Brains, Cash, ID, Your Best Zombie Attire, More Brains, a virgin who runs slow, extra cash

Traditionally on this trail, the pack tends to stop at various bars for spontaneous beer checks. Make sure you have your ID and extra cash. There will be one offical beer check covered by your hash cash but the unoffical beer checks are on you.