Ž O F I E  K A B E L K O V Á, J I H L A V A, C Z E CH  R E P U B L I C

The songwriter Žofie Kabelková and the flute player Petra Klementová have been collaborating since 2008. This year, together with other musicians (Stano Palúch, Tomáš Baroš, Miroslav Hloucal and Marcel Comendant), they recorded Žofie's second album Water Blankets (Little Ice Floating Records, 2009). At their concerts you will hear mostly songs from the new album but apart from that the ladies will perform also a couple of newly arranged songs, some of them being included already on the debut album Living (Indies Records, 2003). This two musicians' work has been influenced by various genres (indie, pop, folk, jazz, classical, alternative) – of the greatest impotance is no category, though, but a strong song! Within a short period of time Žofie and Petra managed to participate in many Czech music festivals and they succeeded in organising their own Czech tour. Recently the second and more significant tour has been launched – concerts in Czech clubs on the occasion of promoting the new album Water Blankets.

Žofie Kabelková (1983) is a songwriter, singer and guitar player. She entered the world of music at the age of 15, as a teenager she was awarded in all Czech folk music contests. She has worked with bands playing alternative, folk, Latin American, pop and electronic music. Apart from her home country, she has performed in Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. Two albums were issued so far: Living (Indies Records, 2003) and Water Blankets (Little Ice Floating Records, 2009). Her new CD Water Blankets is nominated for a Czech Anděl (= Angel) award of 2009 – that is an annual Czech music award – in Folk and Country category concretely. Her voice is to be heard in the first Czech feature-length cartoon Fabulous Show. She graduated in Czech language form the Philosophical Faculty in Brno and at the moment she presents a music programme broadcast by Czech Radio. She was born in Jihlava and now she lives in Prague in the Czech Republic.

Petra Klementová (1980) graduated in flute from the JAMU Academy in Brno, from 2005 to 2007 she studied at Prins Claus Conservatorium in Groningen, Holland (classic and jazz flute). She focuses on a wide range of genres (classical, jazz, folk, contemporary, free music and dance improvisation). She has worked side by side with several Czech composers (Miloš Štědroň, Jan Kavan, Markéta Dvořáková, František Emmert), she has played in numerous ensembles such as Quakvarteto, Ensemble Marian, Chorovod, Czech Virtuosi, Shishani's Band (NL), Katarchestra (SLO) and the dance theatre MAXIMVS. In the Czech republic she is an active member of the bands OKO (together with the songwriter Ivo Cicvárek), Panoptikum and CKK band. She has also taken part in the recordings of Iva Bittová, Miloš Šťědroň, Jiří Bulis, Klee Quartet or Katarchestra. She lives in Götingen in Germany.