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 An English proverb says that Rome was not built in a day, and a Chinese proverb says that working behind a cold window for ten years is a way to achieve a goal. In my words I've been to Rome and know exactly what the "cold window” is like.:-) 
     I'm interested in so many things, such as reading, writing, traveling, photographing, camping, hiking, tap dancing, beading and gardening. However, most of my time is spent on two things: teaching for a living and writing fiction for passion.
    I've lived in different places and currently am residing in Toronto located by Lake Ontario.


Ten Years


Working behind the "cold window" for ten  years :-) 

In Rome
Having been to Rome  

Book Launch
With Luciana Ricciutelli, Editor-in-Chief at Inanna,
Lisa de Nikolits, the author of West of Wawa and The Hungry
Mirror,and Johanna H. Stuckey, the author of Women's Spirituality: Contemporary Feminist Approaches to Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Goddess Worship 

With Peter

With Dr. Peter D. Hiscocks, the author of

Analog Circuit Design E-Book

Marlene Ritchie           
With Marlene Ritchie, the author of
         Murder in Cabbagetown (Feb. 2013)     

With Eva 
With Eva Stachniak, the author of The Winter Palace:
A Novel of Catherine the Great, Dancing with Kings,
Garden of Venus and Necessary Lies

With Connie

     With Connie Barnes Rose, the author of Road to Thunder Hill and Getting Out of Town       

Peter M

Peter T. McGuigan, the author of The Irish, Historic South End Halifax and The Intrigues of Archbishop John T. McNally and the rise of Saint Mary's University.



My Favorite Lyrics:
Zoe’s favorite lyrics

Street Art




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          Born in China, Zoë S. Roy was an eyewitness to the red terror under Mao’s regime. Her writing has appeared in Canadian Stories, Thought Magazine and The Northern Light. She holds an M.Ed. in Adult Education (The University of New Brunswick) and an M.A. in Atlantic Canada Studies (Saint Mary’s University). Currently she lives in Toronto where she works as an adult educator. Butterfly Tears is her first published book.

Interview with Zoë S. Roy

The Dirty Dozen, with Zoë S. Roy

The Long March Home is her debut novel published in November 2011.

Calls across the Pacific is forthcoming in October 2015
CN Tower
Inside of the CBC

Some of my favourite stanzas

"See the waters of the Yellow River leap down from Heaven,
Roll away to the deep sea and never turn again!
See at the mirror in the High Hall
Aged men bewailing white locks—
In the morning, threads of silk;
In the evening flakes of snow!"
--Li Bai (701-762)
Translated by Arthur David Waley (1889-1966) 


"Away! away! my birds, fly westwards now,
To wheel on high and gaze on all below;
To swoop together, pinions closed, to earth;
To soar aloft once more among the clouds;
To wander all day long in sedgy vale;
To gather duckweed in the stony marsh.
"Come back! come back! beneath the lengthening shades,
Your serge-clad master stands, guitar in hand.
'Tis he that feeds you from his slender store:
Come back! come back! nor linger in the west."
--Su Shi (1037-1101)
Translated by Herbert A. Giles (1845-1935)

        Below is the favourite poem by Li Yu of my writing friend,

        Dr. Thomas C. Dunn (May 1, 1927-March 25, 2008), and

        his calligraphy of the poem.


        Thomas's autobiography is entitled Spring River Runs East.

        To celebrate Tom's life, I’m posting his calligraphy of the

        Poem by Li Yu (937-978) followed by my translation.

Li Yu's poem

In English

The Spring River Flows East
Li Yu (937-978)
Translated by Zoë S. Roy
        When will spring flowers and autumn moon end at last?       
        How many things have happened in the past?       
        Vernal breezes blew past my window last night,       
        The sorrowful memories of my lost dynasty flooded me in
        the moonlight.
        The palace with carved balustrades and marble floors should
        have the same height,       
        Only the emperor has been replaced, and the prime of my
        life is lost.       
        How much sorrow can you bear at most?       
        It’s just like the spring river flowing east.



          Spring River
       Garden Roses 

My Favourite Quotes

Quote from Bronte
Mark Twain


Gardenia in winter
Street Art