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                 One of my interests is photography that always goes along with my

    fondness of travelling. I love church buildings especially. Admit the photographs

    on this page, many of them are churches. My lifetime friend, Anthony R. Pitt

    (1928 - February 12, 2009), had been very fond of church buildings and

    made sketches of churches as one of his hobbies. To  celebrate Tony's life, I’m

    posting some of his sketches here.

Garden rose

This is an Acadian village named Petit-Rocher at

the Atlantic Ocean, where descendants of earliest

settlers in North America have lived.


Canada Day

Statue of Liberty
Even birds could feel freedom in the blue sky

over the Statue of Liberty.


Crazy Horse
Peggy's Cove
Chicago in the Rain

Not far away from the Hemingway's Birth Home

in Oak Park, from the sky over Chicago,

the downpour is crying.

Artist in Qubec
Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year Celebration in Toronto’s

Scarborough Town Center, February 9, 2013
Thunder Drum
 Thunder Drum

Zhang Guotao

Double Rainbow (left)
This photo was taken in Toronto


I always wanted to see The Mount Rushmore

National Memorial for its amazingly carved

sculpture and admire those great historical figures.

Finally I was there…


St. John’s Anglican Church
Grand Pre

Grand Pré in Nova Scotia was created according to

Longfellow’s Evangeline, a poignant story during

the deportation of the Acadians, the great tragedy

                                               in human history.


St. Paul’s Anglican Church
Basilica Cathedral
Little Dutch Church
St. John's Anglican Church
Goose in Wawa


“Wawa” in the Ojibwa language means “wild

goose.” This statue is a visual name of the town.


Rainbow dance
 Rainbow Dance
Red River
Double Rainbow
after a thunder storm in Auguest 2009
Year of Horse