Zoe Branigan-Pipe

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Professional Objective

Acquire a leadership position so as to raise my own capacity and to educate, empower, and inspire others

Academic Credentials

2006- Present          Brock University - St. Catharines, Ontario

                                 Master of Education – Field of Study: Administration and Leadership

2000                        York University - Oakville, Ontario

      Bachelor of Education; Primary, Junior Education

1996                        McMaster University- Hamilton, Ontario.

                                 Bachelor of Arts

Additional Qualifications

Intermediate Division Specialist (Drama/Language integration)

Integrated Technology Specialist 

Leadership I and II (HWDSB) competencies training

Reading Primary/Junior Specialist

Librarian  (Part I)

Principal (Part I)

       Professional Development

National Education Computer Conference (ISTE)  Reflective blog

2010   Google Educator Workshop (OTF)

Teacher Technology Camp (Portland, Oregon)Reflective blog

RCAC, ECCO, EDUCON (Ontario Educator Conferences)

Expanding Boundaries, OTF (two parts) workshop with Will Richardson (See notes)  

Direction Team and Effective Schools Training

Assistive Technology Training (HWDSB)


Teaching Experience

Hamilton Wentworth District School Board, Hamilton, Ontario

  • Brock University Faculty of Education (Secondment)

20010/11            Pre-service Instructor (Primary, Junior, Intermediate, Senior Classes)

  • Lawfield Elementary School

2008/9             Grade 5 Homeroom (Gr 7/8 computer coverage), Tech Integration Instructor,

2009/10           Grade 6 Homeroom, Intermediate Tech Integration Instructor, Showcase classroom, LINK

  •               Rosedale Elementary School

2004/8            Grade 2,3,4,5 Classroom Teacher, Junior /Primary Division Lead Teacher; Demonstration classroom.

2001/3             Information Technology and Library Teacher, Grade 1 -5 Numeracy Lead Teacher (Part-Time)

  •             HWDSB Schools

2001/3            Grade K – 8, Occasional teacher, short term positions, home instruction support

Significant Projects, Media Features

Þ    Case Study Feature: Tuned Out Engaging the 21st Century Learner

Þ    Ministry of Education (LNS Webcast) (Word Study, SEF, Inquiry Learning): Indicator 4.3

Þ    Connected Classroom, video walk through- differentiation and collaboration: Connected Classroom

Þ    Recipient of Ministry of Education “TLLP” – Funding grant received: Led to Globally used Blog

Þ    Alberta/Ontario Classroom Connection: Weekly Skype Collaboration and Partnership in Learning: “My Flat Class”

Þ    Web 2.0 Classroom initiatives:  including Wikispaces, Blogs, Podcasts “Blogs and Wikis”

Þ    Global Collaboration Project: Skype around the World”

Þ    Mixing and Remixing: Music in the classroom – Getting Wired in the Classroom

Þ    South Pole Expedition: Communication with Team, including blogging, podcasting and phone call –Video (Award Received - "Front Row Teacher of the Year")

Þ    Digital Story: 21st Century Classroom – Video Link

Þ    Livescribe in the Classroom: Mindshare Moment Report

Þ    Ryerson University Project: Letting Kids Hack their Lesson Plan:

Þ    An amplification of learning: “Teachers, students love Lawfield sound systems”

Þ    HWDSB News Feature: Wired to Learn inside 213

Þ    Audio TALK 820 RADIO Interview: GoFrontRow

Þ    Podcasting in the classroom: South Pole Expedition


Consultation Services/Program Development

2010: International Society for Education (ISTE) Reviewer of conference proposal (70 reviews completed)

2010: Ripple Reader: Reading buddies and  collaboration between Grade 6 class and classroom in another province
Development of Leadership Course (HWDSB); Integration of Social Networking and created collaborative blog

Winner of classroom package and licenses - Consultation for based on 21st Century Learning Environments
(Award received for "Most downloaded lesson")
Created, planned and facilitated a March Break Technology Camp; Video featured on the 2010 School Site and ISTE blog
2008: Program/Writing Team- E-Best data collection and presentation – Creation of video that was shown at the HWDSB “kick-off” breakfast as a method for showing HWDSB data results and next steps from PLC days.

Conference Presenter

Dec 2010            Brock University, Research Colloquium - Social Media as a Research Tool

Dec 2010            RCAC ConferenceLive Learning with Livescribe

Nov 2010            ECCO Conference – Live Learning with Livescribe, Web 2.0 Classroom

Oct 2010            KEYNOTE presentation, WRDSB - Networked Teacher

Oct 2010            University of Saskatchewan Presentation-  “Day in the Life of Networked Teacher”

Sept 2010           Featured Teacher: Classroom 2.0 Live

August 2010       ABEL - Summer Institute at York University            

May 2010            Bridges to Learning - Presentation about using the web 2.0 in the classroom

April 2010           TEDxOntarioEd   “Letter to my mom”

April 2010           ASET - Spring Conference

March 2010         Presenter for the University of Regina Faculty of Education – session here:

Feb 2010             Educon2.2 (Link) Teaching Big Ideas to 21st Century Learners

2009/2010           Brock University Tech Showcase– Greater Hamilton School Districts - Podcasting and Web2.0

2009                    AT4ALL- Ontario Districts - Podcasting and Differentiated Instruction in the classroom

2009                    HWDSB Differentiated Instruction System Conference - Presenter

2009                    University of Victoria (B.C Ministry of Education) - Presenter and Classroom demonstration

2008/9                 ECCO Conference -Differentiated Instruction using Smartboards, podcasting and web 2.0 tools.

2008/9                 RCAC Conference - Web2.0, Blogging, Global Collaboration in the Classroom

2008/9                 Differential Instruction and Assessment Conference (HWDSB)

2008/9                 Education for All Conference (HWDSB) -  “Differentiated Instruction using Smartboards"

Leadership in Education

School Level Leadership

Information Technology Specialist/Contact (2002 – present)

Demonstration Classroom (21st Century Fluencies) (2008 -2010)

Division Lead (2003-2009)

Direction Team Member (2005 –2009)

Student Technology Mentorship and Leadership Program Developer (2007- 2010)

Report Card School Trainer and Facilitator (2003 – 2007):

Principal Designate (2004-2008):

School Council Teaching Staff Representative (2005-2009)

School Play Director (2005-2007)

System Level Leadership

Brock University, Associate Teacher AQ  Course Development (2009 – 2010)

Demonstration Classroom for NTIP program (2009-2010)

Effective Schools – Teachers’ Professional Learning Community Committee (2007 – 2009)

Site Coordinator and Associate Teacher (2007 – 2010)

Partnership with Barton Secondary/Lawfield, Media Arts Program

Parental and Community Learning Seminars (2005- 2009)

Community Level Leadership

Membership- Central Ontario Computing Association – COCA (2010/2011)

ECOO Conference Planning Membership – (2009/2010)

Membership – Knowledge Mobilization Lab / E-Best (2003-2008)

Brock University Technology in Education Conference Committee (2009 -2011)

Membership and Advocate for the North End Community Association (2003-present)

Member of Community Neighbourhood Nutrition and Meal Organization (2002- 2004)

Membership/Chair for the Board of Directors - the Association of Volunteer Probation and Parole officers (1996 – 2002)

Work Experience KEY LEARNING

My diverse work experiences and leadership opportunities have given me a deep understanding of community and culture within an organization. I have learned to accept and appreciate differences among people and have become an active participant in a Global Learning Community through blogging, podcasting and customized learning. Above all, I continue to advocate for equity, social justice and equality by using, implementing and demonstrating teaching techniques that serve a more diverse group of students, teachers, and a wider educational community.