My Digital Footprint

My Footprints

It is my intention to have a digital footprint that demonstrates my core values -That I am a strong believer in social justice, that my family comes first, that I love teaching, sharing. It is my intention to leave my own legacy – one that depicts a person that fights for what is right, a person that believes in collaboration and sharing, and commitment to a cause. Links and Information about how to monitor your own digital footprint.


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Zoe's Classroom

About me
* I hold a valid teacher certificate with the Ontario College of Teachers with qualifications at the primary, junior and intermediate levels.
*I strongly believe that educators need to do whatever it takes to provide customized and differentiated learning for all
* Specialization in Technology Integration, Drama and Literacy (Reading) instruction.

Professional/Leadership Resume

Teaching Assignment
* Leave of Absence from Grade 6 Classroom at Lawfield Elementary
* (Currently) Pre-service (full-time) Instructor at Brock University (Primary, Junior, Intermediate and Senior Instruction), Faculty of Education in Hamilton, Ontario

Upcoming Presentations

* Classroom 2.0 - Differentiation with Livescribe September 24
*Classroom 2.0 - Unplugd - A Canadian Education Summit Conversaiton
* ECOO Hockey WEB 2.0 Hockey Playoff

Collaborative Projects

* Teachers connecting with Pre-Service TEachers Globally and Virtually: Join!
* Unplugd11 Book Released! LINK
* Preservice Students create and share Lessons relating to Egypt Revolution - Go Here
*Collaborative -Global  Voicethread

* Like any social organization, it takes time and effort to develop an learning community. Joining and waiting is not enough. Be active, encourage others, comment on blogs, accept invitations, join online conferences, join collaborative activities, say YES to skype classroom calls.
* Ontario Edubloggers (via @thecleversheep)
* Ontario Educators (via @dougpete)

My Blog
* It has taken me several years to fully grasp the importance of blogging.  I maintain that starting a blog is the FIRST step in developing a digital identity and an important reflective process for educators


* I am currently on a secondment from the HWDSB to Brock University for the 2011/12 School Year (September-May 1)
* I will be working with PLP (Powerful Learning Network) as a connected Coach with an Australian Cohort

Current Initiatives
* TLLP project
* EDUBLOGGER: Canada3.0 Project
* Unplug'd- a Pan-Canadian Summit
* HWDSB Live and Interactive with Livescribe Pen on June 2.

* Hamilton Spectator Feature
* Literacy and Numeracy Video Release- showcasing  21st Century Literacies and Inquiry based learning in my Grade Six Classroom at Lawfield School.
*Lawfield Teacher to Speak at Fast-paced Festival of Ideas

Ministry of Education Initiatives
* Lead Teacher for the Teacher Leading and Learning Project (TLLP) with a focus on the Livescribe Pen and Teacher professional development.
* Video - School Effectiveness Framework