I am a full member of  the New Zealand Association of Counsellors (NZAC).

 I am approved to supervise Provisional members of NZAC as they work towards full membership, as well as full NZAC members as part of their ongoing professional practice. 

I am also an accredited DAPAANZ supervisor. 

This means that I am approved to supervise drug and alcohol practitioners as they work towards full DAPAANZ membership. 

This is an 

advanced practitioners' professional supervision qualification.

The Focus of  Supervision:

  • The focus of supervision is the issues that the work you do raises for you.
  • The focus is on you (the practitioner) in the work, as well as the work itself.

The Purposes of Supervision:

  • To support you professionally and personally
  • To provide a forum for the development of your professional identity
  • To support ethical and effective practice
  • To celebrate successful practice
  • To provide a space for conversations about the effects on you of interacting with the people in your care 
  • To provide a space for conversations about your work situation
  • To identify sources of personal stress and find ways of managing them
  • To work collaboratively with you towards patient/client safety.