Zodiacmusick.tk is our concept in the promotion of Artists and their music. Our mission is to promote and distribute unsigned musical artists, whose work would almost certainly go unnoticed, due to the insane, and often despicable practices of the recording industry, and major record labels. We are music lovers who simply want to promote music.

    Major record labels of course, have many other intentions, not the least of which, is the making of huge sums of money for themselves, and all the flunky underlings that encompass the nightmare that is the music recording industry of the new millennium. After actually getting to the point of having any opportunity to sign on with a major record label, which may have taken years and large sums of money in hired studio time just to make the demo disc, the artist finds that he is asked to sign away his rights to his own musical creations, and be forced to allow the company to make changes, and do as they see fit with any and all works already done, as well as works not even conceived as of yet by the artist. Some go as far as to demand more money up front to offset initial CD printing and promotion. Of course, as with any kind of artistic expression, there are those of us who simply will not bow down to the devil, and without regard to the quality and beauty of the artists work, it is lost forever to the rest of the world.

    We at Zodiacmusick.tk exist solely for the purpose of helping such artists, who have fallen through the cracks of the traditional record label nightmares, to promote and distribute their works.

    Firstly, we are a "Non-Profit Record Label", which means as it says, we take no money from the artist in any way. We are a Web based Virtual Record Label "A Netlabel", which simply means that we have minimal overhead expenses, and utilize the very best in new technologies while utilizing the Internet to promote and distribute an artist's work at no cost to him. We are about the music, first and foremost, and this is our attempt at the most altruistic form of support to our musically creative brothers and sisters around the world. Our distribution service is very reliable, allowing 24 hour 7 day exposure of the artists work which allows people around the world to hear and experience the artists work without the typical delays in traditional distribution of music. 

    All the artists who sign up with Zodiacmusick.tk must have complete copyrights to their works, and not be signed on, or under any other contractual obligations to any other record label or company. The artist maintains all rights to the works, without reservation, and may come and go from our catalog of artists as they see fit. We are here for you, the artist, to have your music heard, and for all of us, who wish to hear the wonderful musical works that for so many years have been lost due to the traditional contractual entanglements and short sightedness of the recording industry.

    Since Zodiacmusick.tk is a non-profit record label, we ask that artists who distribute their works through us, do not attempt to ask for, or expect any money from those who download their works. We distribute the works only for personal use only, and that all musical material is copyrighted and owned by the artist. This, of course, does not preclude or in any way hamper an artist from attempting to get signed on any other record label, or distribute the music in any other fashion, whether for profit or not. However, if an artist does get signed on with another "for profit" company, in most cases that immediately removes the artist from our catalog, unless the new company expressly provides Zodiacmusick.tk with the rights, in writing, to freely distribute your works.

    All music distributed through Zodiacmusick.tk is provided in Highest Quality MP3 format (320 kbps cbr), providing the nearest CD quality. These MP3's will burn excellent audio CD's with no noticeable degradation of sound quality. We will also provide cover scans, as provided by the artist, in ready to print quality.

    This pretty much sums up what we here at Zodiacmusick.tk are trying to do. The music is everything to us, and as we have found, we are not alone in these feelings. We are attempting to bring music lovers in touch with musical composers and artists who as we have said, might have been ignored or looked over by traditional music promotion agencies. We hope you will enjoy our Zodiacmusick.tk non-profit free unsigned artists album distribution service.

The "Zodiacmusick.tk" team