Sigh.... Nanette Barto's still trying to push this theory.

Nanette has a new site up trying to convince the unsuspecting that Jack Tarrance was the worst killer in the history of the US. Not surprisingly, she hasn't added much new information. Just the same stuff she's been recycling over and over for the past couple of years. It's actually a good thing for me, because we've already disproven so much of what she's said that now all I have to do is "copy and paste" our replies to the nonsense.
On her new page, Nanette says:
Jack Tarrance Description:                                                Zodiac Description: Eye Witness Accounts
Age in 1968-69 = 40-41 years                                            Estimated 35-45 years old
Height = 5'10 1/2"                                                                       Height 5'10" - 5'11"
Weight = 225 lbs.                                                                        Weight 220-240 lbs.
This is a classic example of how the JT is Z supporters "pick and choose" their evidence to try to make it fit Jack Tarrance.
Here are the actual descriptions of the Zodiac (by victims Mike Mageau and Bryan Hartnell, witnesses at the Paul Stine murder scene, and possible witness- Officer Fouke at the Stine Murder)
Mike Mageau's description from
Note how he describes the suspect as 26- 30 yrs,  5'8", possibly 195- 200, or maybe even larger
Bryan Hartnell's description from
Note how he describes the suspect as possibly 20- 30 yrs old, 5'8" to 6', 225- 250 lbs
Description from the 3 witnesses at the Stine crime scene from :
Note how they describe the suspect as early forties, 5'8"
Officer Fouke's description from
Note how he describes the weight of the suspect as 180- 200 lbs.
Can you see how Nanette and Dennis Kaufman have cherry-picked the parts of all of these descriptions that fit Jack? He doesn't match any of the individual descriptions, but if they pick out bits from each description they can make it look like Jack fits the bill.
NONE of the descriptions say 240 lbs, so I wonder where they got that?
Moving along....
Nanette then writes:
None of the descriptions above state what color eyeglasses the killer wore. I assume that she is taking this information from the composite drawn from descriptions the night Paul Stine was killed because she posts this picture:
I don't think that the artist's failure to color in the frames was intended to indicate that the frames were light in color. It seems more likely that the artist felt that coloring in the frames would distract focus from the man's face.
Ms. Barto posts this next picture beside the one above to prove that Jack Tarrance wore light colored frames:
These frames don't look particularly light in color to me. But it's a black and white photo, so it's impossible to tell. She doesn't really believe that this would be considered evidence, does she?
More truth-
While we are looking at the comparison between Jack Tarrance and the composite of the Zodiac Killer,
Nanette Barto has posted maybe 50 pictures of Jack, yet only a couple of them sorta resemble the composite.
If you saw any of the following pictures of Jack, would you say, "Hey, that guy looks like the Zodiac Killer!"?
Yeah, me neither.
Speaking of the composites-
Nanette and Dennis love to use this one to compare to Jack. Oh gee, see how much he looks like it??
There is one MAJOR problem with this comparison...
This is not a real Zodiac composite. How can that be, you ask? Dennis Kaufman, himself, said that it was and that it was drawn in 1975.
Well, Dennis doesn't have a clue. And since Nanette takes whatever Dennis says and runs with it, without ever checking her facts, she doesn't have a clue either.  
The above composite was actually drawn by Denver Post staff artist, Joe Barros in 1971. Mr. Barros did not speak to any of the eyewitnesses that saw the Zodiac. He merely used the SFPD composite as inspiration. See for yourself in this February 1971 article from the Sunday Times- Herald:
It's a bit shocking that Nanette knows so little about the Zodiac case, isn't it?
Interesting how they can twist things to make their guy seem more promising, isn't it? Well, there's more. Here comes a doozy of a lie- are you ready for this?!
Nanette Barto said:
The FBI has NEVER, I'll say that again, NEVER, confirmed that the hood that Dennis pulled out of the PA system was the hood worn by the Zodiac Killer during his attack at Lake Berryessa.
Nanette's statement is intentionally misleading- in other words, it's a BIG FAT LIE!
Here is Bryan Hartnell's description of the Zodiac hood. Remember, he was the only person besides Cecelia Shepard (who died from the attack) and the Zodiac himself, who saw the hood.
This description can be found at
 Here is Dennis Kaufman showing the hood to Kris Pickel of cbs12- Sacramento:
Right away it is obvious that this hood is quite different than the one described by Hartnell:
- It does not have a four-cornered top like a paper bag (you can see this best around the 3:05 mark
  when Dennis turns the hood sideways, showing how it is flat front-to-back)
- The Zodiac symbol appears much larger than 3 x 3 inches and is a bit asymmetrical
- The thread used for the Zodiac symbol is gold or yellow in color, not white
And these things can be seen just at a glance. Imagine what we would find if we were able to get a better look at the thing!
I'd also like to point out that the "Hood Story" broke in August of 2008. Don't you think that if this was THE Zodiac hood, the FBI wouldn't need 2 1/2 years to make that determination?
Nanette Barto says that her new page is a "work in progress". In the past, this has been Nanette-speak for "I can't be held responsible if there are blatant lies and errors in my presentation because I already told you, it's a WORK IN PROGRESS".
Well, as usual, we are here to keep Ms. Barto honest. We'll be watching, pointing out her exaggerations and outright fabrications. Because unlike Ms. Barto, WE actually ARE sympathetic to the families of victims. We have seen how Ms. Barto, Mr. Kaufman, and some of  the rest of the JT is Z crew use and abuse these people in an attempt to garner their 15 minutes of fame. We find their behavior disgusting and we will shout from the rooftops a warning to all who may be taken in by these shysters. Don't take what they have to say at face value. Look at what they present, ask yourself if what they are saying truly makes sense, do a little research on your own to see if they are being completely truthful. We know that you'll figure out pretty quickly that the entire case against Jack Tarrance is nothing more than smoke and mirrors.