• StolSpeed vortex generators for excellent stall and landing characteristics (click Stolspeed for details) 
  • Backup altimeter and ASI (with independent, dedicated static port and pitot tube)
  • Mac elevator and aileron electric trim with stick-mounted trim control buttons
  • VDO oil temp, oil pressure, left and right fuel quantity, and fuel pressure gauges 
  • Intelligent/efficient panel layout - instruments grouped by function (fuel, engine, comm., flight)
  • Left and right side Facet electric fuel pumps at outlet of each wing tank
  • Whelen anti-collision strobes and position lights (with white rear-facing lights)
  • Wing-mounted landing and taxi lights
  • AmeriKing 450 ELT
  • Lightly tinted full bubble canopy
  • Bruce Covers custom-made canopy and propeller covers
  • Leather interior with thermo-foam cushioning