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 Wedding pictures have arrived, including touched-up versions!  We have attempted to sort them a little bit to help people find the pictures that they're looking for.  Some pictures are in multiple categories -- and all are in the "All" category (if you wish to download/look through all 200+ of them).

The images were made fairly small for viewing purposes (so that they load quickly), but if you want to save them to your computer, you MAY AS WELL save the full-size high-quality version (which will print better, allow you to zoom in, etc).  This is done by clicking on the "download" button above the image that you're viewing.  You can also download the whole album(s) onto your computer by clicking "Download", "Download to Picasa" (admittedly, this would require first installing Picasa, a free and wonderful photo-organizing-and-editing program by Google -- but, really, it's quite worth it!  [If the above sounded like gibberish, ask a computer-savvy nephew]).