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Saturday 4th Sept 2010
0436 Magnitude 7.1 Earthquake
Very big earthquake hits Christchurch.
Civil Defence issues regularly updated official status reports for Christchurch and what citizens should do. Read more...
This website lists the aftershocks and their strengths plus pictures from time to time.
Our Amateur Radio Emergency Corps (AREC) have largely not been activated/required as power and telephone services have largely been maintained.
Personal Notes Sat. 0436
The big one threw us out of bed and standing up in the dark during the event was near impossible. The biggest immediate issue was that it was pitch black. Guess who's going to buy more torches for every room!
A few minutes later we visited our 92 year old neighbour. She was very laid back. The sky was wondrously starry and it was erily silent. 
Since, I've developed what I'm calling the Earthquake Rock n Roll Swagger when walking around the home. When an aftershake hits, you're less likely to be thrown off your feet when walking that way.
Sunday 5th
Visited Supermarket 1100. Fully stocked shelves, reasonable queues and everyone well behaved. Roads in our part of Christchurch passable. For many others no water, no electricity, homes badly damaged and the shock of the enormity of what has happened has yet to hit.  
Monday 6th 0730
No buses. Been decreed that no work or schools for most people until Wednesday. Central City still under curfew 7pm - 7am. 500 buildings damaged with 100 listed as dangerous. Today started warm 15 degrees rising to 21 degrees with a Nor Wester. Then it's going to rain and flooding is a real threat.

Amateur Radio can Prevent Age related Dementia


A warm welcome to Amateur Radio station ZL3DWS, the handle is David. 

QTH is Christchurch, midway down the east coast of the South Island, New Zealand.
Stop awhile and I'll show you around.

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In 1862, only 18 years after Morse's first long-distance line had been built, the Canterbury Provincial Council opened New Zealand's first telegraph line between Lyttelton and Christchurch. This was followed shortly afterwards by one between Port Chalmers and Dunedin. The telegraph network had, by 1866, spread over the South Island and across the Cook Strait to Wellington. Read more...

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ZL3DWS as MC at NZART Annual Conference Christchurch 2006. His links to Scotland are clearly evident.