ZL3 Radio Buildathon
Educating & Mentoring Tomorrows Technologists & Communicators
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"Bailey (7) and Jack (5) had a wonderful time on Saturday. They have been showing off their radio to Nana, and anyone else willing to listen. They are very proud of what they built, i think they did a good job!"

Debbie 15/01/2011

"It was great to meet the keen radio builders at the Buildathon. Everyone was head-down getting on with the job. Events like this where kids, their parents and technical experts who give their time to mentor the process, are rewarding for everyone!  Thanks to David and his team for creating such a valuable learning initiative."


Nicky Wagner MP National Christchurch Central 08/07/2010



“A big 'thanks' for a great Buildathon, much better organised and interesting than the previous one I attended. That one was good but this recent one absolutely stunning. Both of the boys enjoyed it so much. I asked young Joel during a concentrated soldering session how he was finding it, he looked straight up and said "I love it" I think that says it all really, the project was easily achievable for them and they managed to get a working radio out of it.”


Colin Neal 15/07/2010



"Thank you all most sincerely for a wonderful experience building a radio. My son so enjoyed himself and we couldn't believe the one-on-one attention that was available. This was key as it meant that he really 'learnt' what was important with electronics. Rather than being success focused as so many of these things are I was delighted, in this day and age, to see that it was the learning and understanding that underpinned this activity. I would be grateful if you would please pass on our thanks to Malcolm (ZL3UU) and all those involved on the day, including the wonderful tea ladies (!), also all of those behind the scenes who worked so hard to make it such a success." Elizabeth Drayton 15/07/2010



"Once again, thank you for having James and I at the radio buildathon on Saturday. Both of us enjoyed it and the excellent morning tea. This was a brilliantly organised event, and thank you also to your other members who were on hand for guidance and help." I 03/07/2010



"10/10 Your efforts are much appreciated." A 15/07/2010 



"Thank you very much for this information and the day. My two kids (and me myself) really enjoyed the day. I myself used to be a radio amateur, JG3EEE, in Japan and the day let me think getting a license at here! Thank you once again and please foward my thanks to the two ladies for tea service."

T 03/07/2010



It was cool to make stuff. H 03/07/2010



I have to compliment you all on the job you did – the thought and the implementation were really good

It’s quite a pool of quiet achievers you have on tap. Parent I 03/07/2010  



Awesome effort! F 03/07/2010



"Very excellent project and helpers. Thanks." D 03/07/2010



"Congratulations on another success...

Your web site is an excellent follow-up, especially the "In the News" links.

With my very best wishes for future successful Buildathons, G 03/07/2010


"thank you for such a good experience...

the morning tea was greatly appreciated too" K 03/07/2010



"Many thanks for a well organised morning it was great fun and satisfying to see so many happy constructors with all units working :-). Very satisfying. And thanks to Mary for the refreshments, well received." T 11/2008


"What a wonderful day - great project." K 11/2008


"Congratulations on a most successful venture. You have every reason to be pleased." J 11/2008

"Congratulations for such a successful venture.  It bodes well for future collaborative projects like classes, as well as Buildathon’s.


Angela did very well for a beginner. Now she knows that it's not really a black art." G 11/2008



"As one of the “Budding Builders” at the Buildathon, I would like to say how pleasing it was to make the regen receiver and have it work first time. I hate to admit it but this is the first project I have built since obtaining my licence over 25 years ago that has worked!  I don’t know if my skills are increasing, but I suspect that it was the result of the choice of project, and the team of helpers who were able to assist when required. Believe me it was appreciated.

I must extend, on behalf of the participants, thanks to the back room girls – Mary and Angela, for providing refreshments to everybody. “Amateurs run on their stomach”

I guess and hope this is only the start of many more successful Buildathons. P 11/2008


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