JOTA 2010

ZL3 Radio Buildathon
Educating & Mentoring Tomorrows Technologists & Communicators
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JOTA / JOTI 2010 


Saturday October 16th, 2010

Jamboree on the Air and Jamboree on the Internet 2010 at Cotswold School started cold and in drizzling rain for some 100 Scouts, Guides, Pippins and Cubs.
Memories of my Scout camps of 40 years ago came flooding back: Wet tent flaps, wet firewood, hunger and no sizzle to cook the sausages!
Thanks to the generosity of Cotswold School, today’s generation had every need catered for. One of the best equipped kitchens that’s for sure, and the capacious Hall was very well set up. 
Forty computers were networked for JOTI when we arrived. What a sight! I was told it took until 2am Saturday morning to get everything working. Paul ZL3TX and his dedicated and happy band set up for JOTA and worked the World near and far.  Well done chaps!

Our ZL3 Buildathon team set up 10 soldering stations and were kept well busy. 15 radios were built and once word got around camp, demand grew. One young builder, Lucy, posted this to her blog:

“I am at a joti and some of us have made some little radios that really do... WORK Yay, They are so cool, i had a lot of fun and help from the experts, there are so many things to do like talk on the computer and make radios and take pictures and have a lot of fun while doing all the things. Lucy”
So, to all the experts that helped at the 8th ZL3 Buildathon at JOTA 2010 (Radio Amateurs callsigns: ZL2AHB, ZL3RCA, ZL3RU, ZL3UU, ZL3LP, ZL3AGS, Albie, Angela) me and Lucy thank you for your expertise! Yay, you are so cool.