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NICKY WAGNER MP Christchurch Central
Visits 5th ZL3 Radio Buildathon in Christchurch N Z 
Christchurch's youngest licensed radio amateur, callsign ZL3LD, with MP Nicky Wagner   [July 08, 2010]

As part of CCC Kidsfest 2010 the 2nd in a series of three ZL3 Radio Buildathons was held in Burnside, Christchurch, July 8th.
Designed to introduce electronic construction and amateur radio to Christchurch youth, an enthusiastic group of 15 builders completed their AM Broadcast radio receivers in record time. All worked! 
Builders also came from as far away as Timaru and Hamilton NZ, plus Asia and Egypt.
Nicky Wagner MP was presented by David ZL3DWS with a wide ranging History of Amateur Radio in N Z written by Ian Dougherty.
She then spent an hour meeting the children and local radio amateurs who gave of their time to ensure each radio worked!
At total of 44 parents, children and radio amateurs joined in the fun, sponsored by the Christchurch City Council, NZART Radioscience Education Trust Inc, N Z Vintage Radio Society Christchurch and Branches 05, 56, 68 of NZART and C.A.R.D.S.
Nicky Wagner MP Christchurch Central and the technology and communication experts of the future, at ZL3 Radio Buildathon, Christchurch July 8th, 2010.

Terry Carrell ZL3QL, AMSAT NZ President, explaining the capabilities of the NZ built Amateur Radio satellite to Nicky Wagner MP Christchurch. July 08, 2010  Read more >


"It was great to meet the keen radio builders at the Buildathon. Everyone was head-down getting on with the job. Events like this where kids, their parents and technical experts who give their time to mentor the process, are rewarding for everyone!  Thanks to David and his team for creating such a valuable learning initiative."


Nicky Wagner MP National Christchurch Central 


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To view a professional UK video on organising a Buildathon, which includes film of a recent ZL3 Buildathon here in Christchurch  CLICK HERE  and select "QRP Buildathon" from drop down. The 51MB file may also be downloaded.

Thanks to Steve G0FUW (UK) and Keith ZL3AHL (NZ) 

Supported by

 NZART Radioscience Education Trust Inc 
N Z Vintage Radio Society Christchurch
Christchurch Branches 05 :: 56 :: 68 of  NZART :: C.A.R.D.S  

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David W Searle - ZL3DWS
ZL3 Buildathon Coordinator


 Supported by
NZART Radioscience Education Trust Inc 
N Z Vintage Radio Society Christchurch
Christchurch Branches 05 :: 56 :: 68 of  NZART :: C.A.R.D.S