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Photo Courtesy: John ZL3IB 
Youngest ZL3 Radio Buildathon radio constructor being interviewed
for Radio NZ's Summer Noelle program by RNZ journalist.
As part of New Zealand Amateur Radio Day Saturday January 15th 2011,
the 9th ZL3 Radio Buildathon was held at Kendal School, Burnside, Christchurch.
Canterbury children ranging in ages from 6 to 14 years, built a small AM
radio broadcast receiver from a kit of tiny electronic parts, funded
by the Christchurch City Council, NZ Vintage Radio Society and the
NZART Radioscience Education Trust Inc
After two fun filled hours of construction and anticipation,
fourteen new made radios swept the airwaves to pluck Canterbury news
and music from the ether.
One or two radios just squeaked and squawked until they passed
through the wizard like hands of our Chief Test Engineer Rory ZL3HB.
Many happy kids (plus delighted parents) left with wide smiles and working radios
after a tasty picnic lunch so well presented by Angela and Mary. 
A fully equipped New Zealand Amateur Radio Day Station was
on the air thanks to Denis ZL3DEN, Maurice ZL3MEM, Brent ZL3TUI,
Harvey ZL3CH and Tony ZL3TSD.
Alongside, an AREC Communications Vehicle was showing visitors
the communications technology on board for use in search and rescue and
civil emergencies like floods and earthquakes. Thanks to the efforts of an
AREC team led by Richard ZL4FZ and David ZL2IC.
We appreciate the support of the many parents and the great team
of ZL3 Radio Buildathon radio amateurs, that shared the experience
and guided this keen group of young radio builders.
Canterbury is building stronger communities and a brighter future every day,
thanks to your efforts.
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NZART Radioscience Education Trust Inc 
N Z Vintage Radio Society :: Christchurch
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A selection of photos from the January 15th, 2011 event:
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