Baoyuan Wang

Email: baoyuanw AT

Affiliations: Co-founder and VP at, a startup spin-off from Microsoft.

Address: Redmond/Beijing


I recently joined Xiaobing.AI, after 12 wonderful years at Microsoft. I will mainly focus on multimodality representation learning for conversational AI, content generation, with the goal of creating AI characters that can not only assist for accomplishing certain tasks but more importantly serve as the long-term companions. Reach out to us if you have passion in working in this space.

I was a principal researcher and manager at AI platform team of Microsoft AI and Cloud. My research interests include computer vision, learning based computational photography and AI for content generation. I always look for addressing industry scale challenges, and keep an eye on practical machine learning settings. Over the years, I have been working closely with different product teams including Bing map, XBox/Kinect, Microsoft Pix Camera, Swift-Key and Cognitive services etc, and shipped several important technologies to those products. Prior to the current position, I was a lead researcher at Microsoft Research Asia lab.

I got my Ph.D degree at College of Computer Science in Zhejiang University 2012. My advisor was Professor Yizhou Yu. I received my B.S. in College of Software Engineering from Zhejiang University in 2007. I was also a research intern at Internet Graphics group, Microsoft Research Asia from May 2009 to June 2012, worked with Ying-Qing Xu. I visited Microsoft Research San Francisco for three months in 2011, under the supervision of LiYi Wei and Jaron Lanier. From Sep. 2006 to Apr. 2007, I was a developer intern at Infosys Limited, Bangalore India.

My latest CV

Preprints and Publications:

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US Patent

Baoyuan Wang etc. Low-Latency Gesture Detection. 340953.01. This technique has been shipped to XBox/Kinect2.

The following patents are co-invented with other colleagues at MSR, have shipped or are going to ship into Microsoft Pix Camera.

Baoyuan Wang etc. Real-time Exposure Control on Mobile devices.

Baoyuan Wang etc. Generating Semantically Meaningful Video Loops In A Cinemagraph.

Baoyuan Wang etc. Automantic Generation of Semantic-Based Cinemagraphs

Baoyuan Wang etc. Reducing Computational Overhead Via Predications of Subjective Quality Of Automated Image Sequence Processing

Baoyuan Wang etc. Variable Pre-And Post-Shot Continous Frame Buffering With Automated Image Selection And Enhancement

Baoyuan Wang etc. Predicting the Best Photo From a Burst Image Sequence.

Baoyuan Wang etc. Color constancy Via Deep Learning

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