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 Interest: To ship (embodied) AI-being agents to enrich/augment human being's life and happiness

 Current Affiliations:   Co-founder and VP of Engineering at

Address: Redmond. US


I embarked on my journey with Xiaobing.AI (spun-off from, and invested by Microsoft) in early 2021, transitioning from a fulfilling 12-year tenure at Microsoft. Currently, I lead the AI R&D team, concentrating on pioneering multimodal representation learning for conversational AI, advancing visual content generation, and exploring novel interaction technologies for avatar agents. If you're enthusiastic about these domains and considering joining our dynamic team, I'd be delighted to connect with you.

Previously, I held the position of Senior Principal Researcher and Manager at, Microsoft HoloLen and Microsoft's AI Platform team, part of their AI and Cloud division. My research pursuits spanned computer vision, learning-based computational photography, and AI-driven content generation. I've always been driven by the ambition to tackle industry-scale challenges, with a keen focus on practical machine learning applications. Over the years, my collaboration with various product teams such as Bing Maps, Xbox/Kinect, Microsoft Pix Camera, SwiftKey, Windows, and Cognitive Services, has led to the integration of several key technologies into these products. Before this role, I was a lead researcher at Microsoft Research Asia lab from 2012 to 2015.

My academic foundation was laid at Zhejiang University, where I obtained my Ph.D. in Computer Science in 2012 under the guidance of Professor Yizhou Yu.  Before that, I completed my B.S. in Software Engineering from the same institution in 2007. My research journey also includes a stint as a research intern at the Internet Graphics Group, Microsoft Research Asia, from May 2009 to June 2012, collaborating with Ying-Qing X, Xin Tong, and Zhuowen Tu. Additionally, I had the opportunity to visit Microsoft Research in San Francisco for three months in 2011, working under the mentorship of Li-Yi Wei and Jaron Lanier.  My early professional experience includes a developer internship at Infosys Limited in Bangalore, India, from September 2006 to April 2007.

For a detailed overview of my professional path and contributions, feel free to peruse my latest CV

Major Consumer Products & Business Solutions

AI Being Employee:  My team ships the advanced closed domain Question and Answering, and open domain  Persona Chat solutions for AI being employee digital brain system, using in-house LLM and tailored tech stacks.

Xiaoice Island, technology includes: conversations, behavior planning, TTS, Singing, etc.

X Eva (China App stores in both Android and iOS now, international version is coming soon):,  technology includes: agent, conversations, video chat, face reenactment, other AIGC features including image generations, TTS, etc

Virtual IPs in Douyin (China TikTok): technology includes: 3D face synthesis, face swap, TTS, singing, etc.

Xbox/Kinect: I shipped early event prediction, and human gesture recognition system to Xbox One. Check out this video:

Hololens: I was the tech lead in the human understanding team of HoloLens, my team worked on face 3D reconstruction and tracking, face detection, recognition, and alignments.

Microsoft Pix:, I shipped the best of burst photo selection, exposure control scene classifier, etc AI models for iPhone devices. Microsoft Pix was  named one of the 50 Best Apps of the Year 2016 by the New York Times

SwiftKey: One of the widely used keyboards in the Android platform, I shipped the 3D Animoji system (through a 3D face tracking algorithm using RGB camera only), check out the report:


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