ZipThemer is theme installer for rooted Android phones with MetaMorph theme file compatibility.   It builds flashable "update.zip" files onboard the device by combining existing system files with modifications from the theme files of your choosing.  Supported theme files formats are ZipThemer and MetaMorph.

The app determines which system files need to be patched by reading the XML control file information from the theme files.  It then creates patched versions of the system files by merging in content from the themes.  The result is then packaged as a signed "update.zip" which you flash via recovery.

You can add as many theme files as you want to install in a single update zip file.  Order is important when two theme files update the same resources.  For example, lets say you have a status bar theme which updates all of the status bar icons, and a cool circle battery pack which updates only the status bar battery icons.  You'll want to add the battery pack theme after the status bar theme so that the battery pack takes precedence.  In other words, the battery theme should appear further down the list.

This method of patching/modding preserves themes you've installed previously that don't conflict with newly applied themes.  It also allows multiple themes to be installed in a single recovery/flash/reboot cycle.

ZipThemer works with the theme files in their un-extracted format -- unlike MetaMorph there is no step to unpack the theme files.  ZipThemer will not work with the extracted zip files.

  • View theme details and screenshots
  • Bundle multiple theme files into a single, flashable update.
  • Works without root permissions, but you'll need root to install the results via recovery.
  • Integrated file browser for picking input and output files.
  • Patched APKs created by this program are signed and zip-aligned.
  • Creates flashable "undo" files that can be used after installing a theme to quickly and reliably revert the changes.
  • Configurable choice of Amend or Edify script format in the update zip files.
Will it work on my device?

If you can flash updates from recovery on the phone, ZipThemer should work. Keep in mind that ZipThemer can create a flashable "undo" zip file which makes backing out the theme changes as easy as flashing it. In other words, ZipThemer is a pretty safe option for playing around with themes.

Not sure how to start?  Read the User Manual.  Figure out if you need Edify or Amend scripting (not sure, ask other user's with the same device/rom).  Configure Edify scripting (if necessary), download some morph files, and start building with ZipThemer!

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