Zion Lutheran School

Zion Lutheran School is our early childhood center serving preschool children age 2 through kindergarten. We also offer an Extend Care (day care) program for children enrolled in our school.
For more information regarding our programs or for enrollment information, please contact
Roy Stuckwisch, Director, at 812-522-5911.


Zion Lutheran School provides classroom education to children ages 3 – 5 in the following programs:  Preschool—2 Years of Age (1 half-day session per week), Preschool—3 Years of Age (2 half-day sessions per week), Preschool—4 Years of Age (3 half-day sessions per week), Kindergarten (Half-Day M – F), and Kindergarten Plus (Full-Day M – F). Enrollment at Zion is open to all children within our community regardless of race, nationality, or church membership.

 We believe that effective guidance and teaching at the early childhood level must involve a total approach to the child.  Thus, we seek to guide each student in his/her intellectual, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual growth.

 We also strongly believe that it is our God-given duty to teach our children the Holy Scriptures, as God has commanded us in Deuteronomy 6:7, “You shall teach them diligently to your children”.  Thus, all aspects of our daily classroom experiences are in a Christian atmosphere and environment in which we always stress God’s love to our students and train them in how they should respond back to His love as they relate to others around them and in all aspects of their life.

Classroom Programs

Zion Lutheran School is a place for learning, working, and playing within a Christian environment. This means our Christian staff teaches Christ-Centered values through activities and planned experiences. A Christian school plays an important role in a child’s early education because it strengthens and supports the parenting process. We are a Christian school providing a nurturing atmosphere for your child.  We strive for developmentally appropriate practices in all of our learning activities. Jesus is the Master Teacher. His love and forgiveness is portrayed throughout our educational experiences.

2-, 3- and 4-Year Old Programs

These classroom setting programs allow children to begin their educational experiences in a class type atmosphere and yet at the same time be given the opportunities and needs of an age appropriate environment. Curriculum in these programs include Jesus time/religion stories & studies, social studies, science, language experiences, arts & crafts, music, and physical education, as well as readiness programs in learning colors, counting, number recognition & concepts, and alphabet visual discrimination. Each activity is age appropriate in nature and design.

5-Year Old Programs

Through our kindergarten programs the students learn, also in age appropriate ways, about Jesus’ love & grace, reading/language arts, math, science, story writing, music, art, storytelling, socialization skills, physical education, social studies, and religion. It is in these programs where students are given the opportunities to ready themselves for their elementary education experiences to follow.  Our kindergarten programs are offered as half-day or full-day in nature, whichever program best suits the needs and desires of the family.

Chapel and Jesus Time

 “Jesus Time” is an important part of the school curriculum and activities in every classroom. In our church school setting, major emphasis is given to this aspect of every child’s educational experience at our school. Through daily Bible stories and application of their truths in the activities, we help the child to experience the joyful sense of his/her relationship with God.

Weekly chapel services are also provided each week for our kindergarten and preschool 4-year-olds, with a monthly chapel service being provided for our preschool 3-year-olds. These are held in the sanctuary of Zion Lutheran Church and are led by the various Pastors and other professional church workers from among our local congregations.

School Music

Music is a part of the curriculum. During music, the students learn new songs that teach us of Jesus and His love for us as His children. While children are learning the basic foundation of singing they are also learning the basics of rhythm, singing action songs that allow them to move to the music. The highlight of the music program is the opportunity for every class to sing for a worship service at Zion Lutheran Church.

Extend Care

In addition to our classroom programs at Zion Lutheran School we also provide a childcare service for the children of our school.  This program is a year-round program and, except for holidays and weekends, is open daily from 6:30a.m. – 6:00p.m., Monday – Friday.  While this is a childcare service for our ZLS families, there are a lot of learning activities and opportunities throughout the child’s stay to help them grow and mature as appropriate to their age.

School Year Program

During our normal school year, our Extend Care program is open to those students who are enrolled in our kindergarten, preschool 4-year-old, or 3-year-old programs.  With a pre-arranged enrollment into the extend care program parents are able to leave their child, as needed, throughout the week:  before school, after school, every day throughout the week when they are not in class, or just on specific days as needed by the parents during the week.

Summer Program

Those families that have a child in one of our classroom programs during the previous school year or who are enrolled for the following school year are also able to enroll this child and or their siblings (ages 3 years to 2nd grade level) in our summer Extend Care program.  Again, this service is provided to our ZLS families throughout the summer Monday – Friday, except for holidays.