Zindra Sim Name Change


proposal by Ginette Pinazzo 01-05-11

When the continent of Zindra was created, LL, in its infinite wisdom, also created a sim ON that continent called Zindra. The stated reason was sound: this allowed something to show up in search if anyone happened to search for Zindra. (a continent's name would not be searchable). However, this has backfired. People search and find Zindra Sim on the map and think, incorrectly, that the sim is ALL of Zindra. They never find out about the entire continent! Many ideas have been suggested to solve this problem, but I am proposing a very simple first step: change the name of the sim to be more representative.....

I see the problem every day, because I talk to people about the continent, some who have heard of it, some who have not and in almost every case, they open their Map and Search for Zindra.
Here are the 3 reactions I see every day:

  1. Some of them see the sim and say 'it looks empty. no traffic. Is that all?' and they never go further! (they don't even TP)
  2. Others TP there, see the basic information and clickable continent map there, and say: Is that all?'
  3. Others TP there, see the current Naughty Snowman event, and think that is all of Zindra.


A long time ago, there was a debate about whether a merchant mall or events should be present at Zindra Sim. Many of us opposed this because of reaction 3. It simply is wrong and unfair for any marketing or events to be there because most people actually think the sim IS all of Zindra and any specific marketing or event would cause confusion and be subject to abuse by private concerns.  Imagine the problems if someone hears about Zindra, searches on their map, TPs to the sim, and is greeted by advertising for someone's store at the landing! The sim is a civic space and must be treated as a neutral and fair area that represents an entire continent.

Instead, we agreed to have basic damage-control style informational content there. We created a forced landing point with a notecard giver and clickable continent map, so people could get the message: 'This is just a sim! Go out and Explore the Continent!!! ' Eventually, more information and help resources would be added.

This sometimes does work, and gets reaction 2, which is better than nothing, because some people DO read notecards!

My proposal is that, BEFORE we think about events, marketing or other aspects of Zindra Sim, we need to address Reaction 1: People who don't even TP because they see a sim called Zindra and they think 'that's all there is'.
In fact, before we even think about the controversial idea of switching the names of Podyan and Zindra Sim, we need to address Reaction 1. Why? Because, even if the sims move and change names, the same exact problem will exist. We'll still have a sim named Zindra (whether its a Mature or Adult sim...same problem)

I propose we honour LL's original intention to keep the sim's name 'Zindra' searchable so the sim can be found, but we modify the name so it is obviously NOT the continent. A name that lets people know this is a good sim to visit to START their exploration of the continent.
Examples: Zindra Portal, Zindra Quick Start Island, Zindra Entryway, Zindra Start Here, Zindra Info, Zindra Front Door, Zindra Update Center, Zindra 101, Zindra Hub, Capitol of Zindra, Zindra Center, etc etc

Once we have a proper name for the sim that accurately explains its purpose) we can address other issues. The name must attract people but must also be representative.