ZEXPO 2011

ZEXPO 2011: Lets Get Adult About This!
proposal by Ginette Pinazzo - 11/12/10
UPDATE: ZEXPO 2011 has been approved and is in planning: here is the ZEXPO 2011 website
UPDATE: elements from the Forbidden Carnival proposal may be added to this event

A showcase of the passion, talent and entrepreneurial spirit of Zindra, this year's ZEXPO will blend education with entertainment, play with shopping, artistic exhibition with inspirational messages, to give visitors a positive and exciting impression of SL's  'adult continent'. An island packed with things to see, do and experience, ZEXPO 2011 will maintain a healthy and engaging message, to encourage guests to learn, indulge and become involved in everything Zindra has to offer.

Designers will be utilized to plan a beautiful layout, that integrates all aspects of ZEXPO into a fluid environment, with intuitive pathways that encourage moving traffic and expose visitors to everything the show offers. An effort will be made to attarct 'famous' designer(s) to do the layout (which is something we can cross promote)  No arbitrary divisions, but a layout based on intuitive exploration. Exhibitors will have many options regarding display areas, and may even be present at multiple locations depending upon display types. We may have some 'design' standards available for all Exhibitors so their individual displays relate (in some way) to the overall layout, to allow for a consistent 'show look''

Every possible type of exhibitor will be accommodated for ZEXPO 2011, with the following 'types' as examples: Entertainers, Educators, Merchants, Play Areas, Visual Artists, etc If we discover an Exhibitor who does not 'fit' our categories, we will create a  new category. Our plan will be one of a inclusiveness, a 'can-do' attitude.
Exhibitors will have the option to choose multiple types (when relevant)  and have multiple displays to highlight those specific aspects of their business/message.
Example: Happy Heather's might have a spot to sell custom rocking chairs, and also a mini-park set up where people can play on those chairs, and also a stage where they do a live show, involving those chairs. (Exhibitors will also be able to book 'event time' as part of their options)

The team will draft a 'show message' that is positive and we will do our best to adhere to that message in every aspect of the event. Our goal is to use this message as a standard for marketing, content and public relations.

We will create a custom ZEXPO radio station with exclusive ZEXPO and Zindra-related commercials, for use during the event AND available to anyone who wants to use the stream in the weeks leading up to the event. We will also offer commercial spots to any Exhibitors.

We will encourage many 'pre parties' hosted by any interested Exhibitors at their own location in the weeks leading up to the event, to increase interest and involvement. Our team will provide basic pre-party decor, ZEXPO themed items and a good cross promotional opportunity for these parties.

1. Ideal season: Negotiable.
2. Three months to plan, design and market are required.
3. The overall show design and landcsaping decor must be rezzed early so we can plan for traffic flow and smart arrangement of Exhibitors.
4. First month will mostly be: designing and building layout, canvassing Zindra to get Exhibitors, initial PR
Second month will mostly be: confirming Exhibitors, signing special guests
Third month: placing Exhibitors, sending out guide for show
5. The show itself will last at least 2 weeks

Just like any convention or trade show, it's fun to travel and stay at special accomodations near the show.  We will try to start a new idea: finding 'SL hotels' that will create special rooms, across the water, for Zexpo guests to book in advance. Hotel guests will be able to ride a ferry (or some vehicle) across the water to the show, and booking a hotel room might also include special benefits at the show. This could become avery fun part of ZEXPO! (everyone knows the fun parties happen in the hotels)

The ZEXPO 2011 Ultimate Guide will contain every attraction, event and promotion connected to the show and this publication will be available at least 1 week (hopefully more) before show start. An last-minute changes will be on an addendum that exists online and at the show Landing Point.


Entire Zexpo Island (all 4 sims)

Once layout of entire show template is rezzed, we will decide how many average prims each type of display area will have. We will keep the process human and managed on a personal level with Exhibitors......some may have more prims than others.  Our goal will be to keep strong communication with Exhibitors and to remain flexible.

Committee Leaders (see below) will have rezzing abilities on the Island. I realize the issues of exact abilities can be an evolving situation,.
As it's an Zexpo Island Event, at least one Committee Leader will need Notice sending ability in the Zindra Expo group to responsibly send information about the event.

After event ends,  Exhibitors and team staff must take their content within the week following.

Either the following site: http://www.zindracommunity.com
or a new site will be created for the event within days of event approval

1. Each Committee Leader reports to the Producers' Committee, and all progress is shared to all Leaders (daily)
2. Communication within entire team will be a first priority, and Recognition will always be a part of the process
3. New Committees may be added as necessary, and Leaders of those new Committees appointed.
4. Committee Leaders may grow their committees with new members as needed.
5. As is normal with healthy teams, roles may often overlap, evolve and become more inclusive.
6. The Producers' Committee's greatest job is to ensure all team members are happy, positive and able to adapt.
7. Problem resolution will be handled in a safe, positive and compassionate manner.

 (contact Ginette if interested in leading a committee)
  • Producers' Committee - Ginette Pinazzo (responsible for keeping all committees happy and productive)
  • Show Design Committee - Kaddan Yue (responsible for layout 'template' of entire show grounds)
  • Exhibitors Committee - Bady Boozehoud (responsible for maintaining list of all interested Exhibitors)
  • Volunteers Committee - Forceme Silverspar (responsible for gathering / organizing all volunteer staff)
  • Radio Committee - Dancer Greenfield (responsible for custom radio steam and commercial spots)
  • Photography Committee - Zada Bury (responsible to make sure event is documented by photos)
  • Tech Committee - BBQBill Odriscoll (responsible for troubleshooting tech issues for other committees)
  • Survey Committee - Weard Welty (responsible for making sure the continent is surveyed for maximum resident involvment)
  • Networking Committee - Silvanus Northman (responsible for securing outside business/organisations to get involved in ZEXPO)
  • Hotel Committee - Edge Catteneo (responsible for finding SL hotels that will build across the water)
  • Machinima Committee - Fuschia Nightfire (responsible to make sure event is documented by video)
  • Help Committee - Ronon Carver (responsible for any mentor/helper presence at the show)
Still Looking For:
  • Guests Committee - (responsible for booking special 'Celebrity Guests')
  • Public Relations Committee - (responsible for press releases, contact with publications)
  • Marketing Committee - (responsible for branding, and finding advertising opportunities)
  • Social Networking Committee  - (responsible for updates on FB, Twitter, etc)