Growing Zindra

- Ginette Pinazzo

I see three basic ways to stimulate the economy of Zindra, listed here in order of increasing importance:

1. Encourage people to buy more goods and services from Zindra
2. Encourage people to buy land on Zindra
3. Encourage people to start businesses, and grow them on Zindra

I believe that we need imaginative initiatives in all 3 of these areas. There won't just be 'one way' but will likely be many things to try.  In all cases, clever marketing will be needed inworld and offworld to get the word out on any initiative,m and overcome the age-verification barrier as well as the pervasive search/keyword barrier (when relevant)

This is the area that is probably most obvious to most people. We need initiatives that encourage non-Zindrans (as well as Zindrans) to buy goods and services from Zindra locations. Any ideas that bring people to the continent to shop, rent, buy services, pay fees to join clubs, etc

Some examples:
Continent-wide promotions, Industry expos, Shopping Spree contests, New Product Reviews,  Zindra Mega Treasure Hunts, Zindra-Exclusive Merchandise, etc

We need initiatives that provide incentives for people to move to Zindra and buy land (as opposed to rent) and encourage them to buy more land.

Some examples:
Real Estate Expos, Zindra Move-In Incentives, Beautification Projects, Increased Sense of Community that Emphasizes Freedom

I consider this the really important area, because this also includes the previous two areas. (starting and growing businesses will likely mean more buying of goods and services, and more land-buying too). To this end, I really feel the heart of the solution to 'Growing Zindra' is 'helping businesses start and grow', more than anything else. We need initiatives that encourage people to start businesses and make Zindra a very business-friendly climate.

Some examples:
Start-up Business Resource Package, Zindra New Business Incentives, Business Classes, Startup Business Mentoring, New Business Expos, Meet The Merchant Service

I believe that we need breakaway teams that can brainstorm as many ideas as possible for each of these three areas. The more ideas, the better. The best ideas might evolve into initiatives that teams can further develop.