Exploring Zindra Flickr Group: Content Standards



proposal by Silvanus Northman - Ginette Pinazzo (11-02-10)
NOTE: This proposal has been approved and the most up-to-date Standards can be found on Flickr here

The administrator for the Exploring Flickr group pool is responsible for maintaining standards of content, and may accept or deny submitted images or remove images in accordance with these standards.

1. No content allowed that would be unallowed in Mature areas of Second Life.
2. No content allowed that is explicit advertising, or that which is deemed primarily an advertisement more than artistic nature.
3. No content allowed that could be deemed 'spam' or 'noise' (blank,  unrecognizable or poor quality images, images that are not Zindran in origin, mutltiple copies of the same or similar images, or images that encourage concepts that undermine healthy promotion of Zindra)
4. No content that the administrator has reasonable suspicion is stolen.
5. No discussion content that also violates the image standards of content
6. No content that violates the Flickr Terms Of Service

As a courtesy, the administrator may contact submitters to explain a refusal or removal, or to request image changes to suit the standards.

The administrator may be responsible for additional standards that are specific to special promotions, should they occur.
(example: if a Smiling Faces of Zindra contest is held, the administrator could refuse images of frowning faces)

The administrator may promote members to Moderator status, as an option, to help manage the Pool.

Moderate, moderate, moderate! Successful groups are kept in check by good moderation. Tend that garden; pull the weeds, mow the lawn, prune the roses, etc. To help you moderate your group, you can enlist other members to become moderators. Moderators don't have full administrative power, but they can help you moderate pool submissions, keep tabs on discussions, and weed out the people who don't play by the rules.