Jason - 1 month


Well, we were trying to figure out a way to include more Jason pictures that didn't really fit in other categories. We decided to do a monthly Jason photo page. So here is Jason at roughly 1 month old.


He really likes getting bounced on the bouncy ball when he is fussy. It puts him right to sleep... as you can see. He seems to be a bouncy ball snob because he favors my technique over Elizabeth's at the moment.


This would be post bouncy ball session.


Here is Jason with his friend Lev of the Weston clan. Lev was born a couple weeks after Jason and has been living on the streets ever since. Here he shows off some of his street smarts. You had better not mess with these two, they mean business.




This is a hat that Amanda gave us, and she assures us that this is worn by all the babies in Madagascar. Is it just me or does he look 30 years older with this hat on?


One major milk belly. Jason, you may want to consider cutting back on milk a little don't you think? Seriously, I think he has an addiction problem, it's all he ever wants to drink. He is hitting the bottle every night.


Jason enjoys his baths at night. Who doesn't like having someone else shampoo their hair. That is pretty much the only reason I ever get a professional haircut. So far there have been no poop indicences in the bathtub, but there have been some questionable bubbles.


Paying homage to his older brother. The shirt reads, "Wicket Rules". Wicket picked this shirt out.


Jason is already a pro at watching football.