What's in it for you?

Your Project on the Conservation Map: Adding your project to a registry of Zimbabwean conservation projects will make it more visible to the public, funders, interested parties, other researchers and the media, all within the context of other conservation areas and efforts. 

All projects added to the registry will be visible on the Google Earth Conservation layer and searchable conservation web map

Maps & Data on Zimbabwean Conservation efforts:  
At the end of this drive, we can provide anyone interested with the following:
  • A custom Google Earth layer of Zimbabwean Conservation 
  • A CSV extract with the raw data from this effort
  • A report (and hopefully publication) reviewing the efforts and organisations currently active in Zimbabwean conservation

A map of your organisation or groups project:  
During and after the drive, we can help you create custom Google Earth layers for your organisation's projects or a collection of projects for a topic that you are particularly interested in.

Visualisations and maps for the issues and information you care about:  
During the drive we will create and help to create visualisations and maps in Google Earth, Maps and Fusion Tables for you in your own publications, presentations and websites.   

Showcasing your Project 
With the help of our partners in the media, and on our own social media platforms, we'll be showcasing projects that have been added, and other mapping projects that have been created as part of this drive.

In-person trainings on Google Geo Tools and the use of the MAPA Conservation Tool for your own organisation or research group: 
We'll be coming to Harare at the beginning of May to run a three-day course on using Google Earth, Google Maps and Fusion Tables to visualise and map the issues and problems that you care about. 

Incentives from our Sponsors:

Africa Geographic Subscriptions

Africa Geographic is offering an 6-month digital subscription to Africa Geographic magazine or Africa Birds & Birding to every organisation that participates by putting up a project.

Tracks4Africa Maps 

Every organisation which loads one or more projects will be able to download the latest Garmin compatible GPS map for  Zimbabwe & Zambia for free, from Tracks4Africa. It's a routable map, with 38,000km of roads and over 5,000 points of interest.     

Tracks4Africa GPS

Tracks for Africa will also make available 1 GPS to a randomly drawn participating individual or organisation.