Google Geo Tools

High tech tools for communicating conservation that anyone can use

With the Zimbabwe focus, the MAPA Project hopes to highlight conservation efforts, areas and issues in Zimbabwe.

Google Earth, Google Maps and Fusion Tables are tools that allow us to do that and we'd like you to get the most out of them too. 

The best part? You don't have to be a tech wiz or GIS boffin! Have a look at the projects below to see some examples of what you can do...

You can create a project like this with your own data even if you've never touched a line of code, or GIS software.

We'll help you. 



Google Geo Workshop, Harare (3-5 May 2012)
In this 3-day workshop we'll teach you how to use Google Earth, Maps and Fusion Tables to create maps like the ones in the examples below. Sign up!

Help with your own work
Do you have a map or tour that you would like to create? Would you like to add your pictures and data to Google Earth? Not sure where to start? Tell us what you would like to do and we'll help you to do it.
Tell us! 

Answer your questions
Do you have a question related to any of the Google Geo Tools? Ask us, and we'll try answer as best we can. 
Ask us!

Some Examples
Animate GPS tracks & collar data
Do you have Animal collar data? Or GPS tracks? You can add them to Google Earth and animate animal movement through time like researchers at the Conservation Ecology Research Unit atthe University of Pretoria did.


Show environmental change with old photographs and historical overlays
You can overlay any image onto Google Earth, even a simple JPG. We added an image from 1958 of Hout Bay, RSA to show how developments have changed the shape of a sandy conveyor belt.

Create simple annotations in Google Earth to communicate problems, solutions and change
In Google Earth and Maps, you can quickly and easily draw in illustrated points, lines and polygons to illustrate ideas, like how planting spekboom can help restore degraded land.

Create an interactive map with spreadsheet data

Do you have a spreadsheet with GPS points, or count data for specific areas? You can create a map from a spreadsheet in minutes with Fusion Tables - like we did with SANParks poaching stats. 

Add Shapefiles, GeoTiIFFs and other GIS data
Import your GIS data - or public GIS datasets easily into Google Earth or Fusion Tables. 
This animated map shows protected areas in southern Africa through time. 

Create a cinematic story in Google Earth and share it on your website, or in a presentation

Combine your GPS and GIS data with video, images, and sound to create a complete mini-documentary in Google Earth.