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How can I see the MAPA Google Earth Layer

You can download the MAPA layer from our website, or the Google Earth gallery.  Learn more here.

Does it cost anything?

No. Adding your project is free.

Can I see what my project will look like before I add it?

When you add your project you will see a "preview" button to the top of your screen. You can use this to get an idea of what your project will look like. 

What's in it for me?

Adding your project to a registry of Zimbabwean conservation projects will make it more visible to the public, funders, interested parties, other researchers and the media, all within the context of other conservation areas and efforts. 

All projects added to the registry will be visible on the Google Earth Conservation layer and searchable conservation web map

For the Zimbabwe drive, we have a number of other incentives on the go as well. Find out about these here

Can I change my project after I've entered it?

You will receive a link via email to your project. You can use this link, or simply log in to with your user-name and password to update your project at any time. Read more here. 

What if I want to take my project off? 

When you edit your project, you'll see an option to tick a "show live" box. If you decide that you no longer want to show your project on the live map, you can simply un-tick this box. If you'd like to remove your project from the database altogether, on the very last tab of the project entry screen there is an option to "delete this project and all it's associations". 

Remember that this is an irreversible step! 

What information will I have to add to my project?

At a minimum, you only need to add a paragraph description, a picture, a project leader, and an organisation. However, you can add a lot more, including information about the people involved in the project, the organisations affiliated with it, links to wildlife species, YouTube videos, publications, presentations, theses, publication lists, and more. You can also upload other Google Earth material (KML files, called "Footprints") to your bubble. 

To find out more about what you can add to your project, see this slideshow.

How many projects am I allowed to add?

There is no limit to the number of projects you can add. 

Who can use the registry?

Anyone can download the Google Earth layer, or see information on the searchable, browser-based map. The browser based map also allow data to be downloaded as a KML (Google Earth) and CSV file. However, this is a "view only" version of what you add. Nobody can edit your project record accept you. 

To add information, you have to be a registered user. Every project added to the database has to be authenticated by the MAPA Project before it can go live. Once your project has been authenticated once, you can edit, add and delete as you please. 

Can anyone access my data?

Whatever you add can be viewed by the public. However, your information cannot be edited or deleted by anyone but you. 

How is the registry kept current?

There is an automated project management system in place that takes care of this - with your help! Six months from the last date that you have edited or entered your last "current" project record, you will receive an automated email asking you if your project is still current, and whether you would like to edit it. 

You will have the opportunity at that time, and every six months after, to mark your projects as "completed". 

Can I add a completed project?

Yes. Simply select "completed" as the project status when you enter a project. 

Can I add a proposed project?

Yes. Simply select "proposed" as the project status when you enter a project. 

Can I search the registry?

Absolutely. You can search the registry at You can view your search results on a map, download it as a CSV or view it in Google Earth by clicking on "save as KML". 

Where can I get help for my project?

1. We've put together a help guide on our Zimbabwe site. This should answer most of your questions. [Visit Help Page

2. We've added green help/instruction boxes to the input screens themselves. When you click in a white box to enter text, these should pop up automatically.
3. You can ask questions over a our (brand new) help forum. Anyone can sign up, and ask a question. All three of us will be monitoring the forum.  

4. Just ask! You can email any of the email addresses on our "contacts" page.