Personal coaching

Living from a felt-sense of connection and belonging

Shall we calmly get to the heart of the matter? We will know when we arrive.

Do you long for a more full and free way of living? Do you know people who experience more joy under similar circumstances? Do you want to get to the bottom of what bothers you rather than constantly keep yourself in check? Do you lok for a breakthrough in identity and intimacy? As a parent or at your work, do you fall back in patterns you detest? Have you tried and made some progress, but do you have a nagging feeling that something bigger is possible, yet doubt about your next step? Do you want new work, but do you fail to get a clear picture of your dream? Are you curious or anxious about how to proceed? Do you love yourself enough or are you desperate enough to seek human support?

In all those cases, you are welcome. I expect that we will discover new possibilities – possibilities that are at once better and simpler than what you have thought of so far. We will work calmly yet daringly, with respect for your speed and circumstances. That is important to me. At the same time it may well be that you will make a big leap in limited time. That touches and inspires me. I appreciate being a mirror to you. If we listen quietly, your story will surface. Then you can embark on new roads in freedom. I will see it in your eyes. And you in mine. You are welcome for a free introduction.

50 Euro including VAT per hour or 70 Euro including VAT of personal coaching for an hour and a half.