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Ziji - Bringing out brilliance


Ziji is a Tibetan term which may be translated as brilliance, power or confidence. Those are qualities I love to bring out in people – professionally in organisations and privately in friendships. By taking a moment and a deep breathe, we regain perspective on what truly counts. Then we can proceed with greater focus, simplicity and enthousiasm.

The fan in our logo suggests how we can show up. Often we contain ourselves in fear or shyness, but there is always the possibility to open like a fan and allow ourselves to be seen, deeply seen, in our beauty, goodness, strength and vulnerability.

Professionally I am astonished by the impact of leadership on the effectiveness of organisations and the wellbeing of people. I see how the same people who manifest fear, unhealthy competition and stress, can florourish and deliver brilliant work when leaders know themselves and show up authentically. Then their staff will contribute from a place of ease, inspiration and creativity.

Former employers I worked for often wanted me to primarily offer tools and tricks. Time and again I observed how that does address the bottlenecks to greatness, while time and again I observed how the same tools and tricks fall into place when we also pay appropriate attention to perceptions, beliefs, attitudes and relations. That brings out goodness and brilliance of people, which inspires me.