I help individuals and organizations achieve true goals, working from the premise that all people are intrinsically caring, juicy and strong. This implies confrontation and introspection, as we discover that much of what we do implicitly assumes that colleagues and clients are naughty toddlers we need to control. Do we dare to share and follow our deepest dreams? Can we hear skeptics who fear that our vision is impractical? How would it be with a little more surrender, gratitude, sadness, hope, listening, love and humor at the workplace or at home at this very moment?

Having worked for two decades in Asia and the Middle East, I do not pretend to be neutral, nor do I seek quick compromises (well, occasionally...). I prefer bridges over walls, sanity over smoothness, nurturing over controlling, wondering over ‘knowing’, fireworks over resignation, and sadness over pushing. Yet I pursue to hear all voices, including those who doubt that “soft and idealistic” approaches work in “the real world”. Moment by moment we assess where we are and what the next step can be, rather than obsessing where we should have been and sticking to the plan that would have fit, if we were there.

I want to live bravely, propelled by pounding dreams, with tears and laughter, choosing truth over comfort. Can I help you pursue big and meaningful objectives? Shall we set out to feel and communicate deeply and see the truth nakedly, unleashing the passion that dissolves obstacles or cuts them at their root?
Shall we gently yet daringly get to the heart of the matter? Contact me for training, facilitation, advise and coaching aimed at bringing out brilliance.

Diederik Prakke
Martin Luther Kingstate 21
6716 NA Ede, the Netherlands

Mobile +31 6 4026 1928, +20 12839 84350
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Key words:,authentic leadership, vulnerability, courage, daring, wholehearted, the Daring Way, Brené Brown, mindfulness, meditation, love, intimacy, Shambhala, Chögyam Trungpa, Sakyong Mipham, Pema Chödrön, non-violent communication, coaching, TA, NLP, family constellations, Phoenix, ITIP